Christina Hall has jetted to Mexico for a second birthday celebration and posted envy-inducing snapshots on Instagram documenting her vacation. 

The Christina in the Country star is enjoying, what looks like, a child-free weekend with friends to continue her 40th party. 

On Friday, she posted an image of her and her husband, Josh Hall, posing in matching swimwear and she showed off her svelte physique in a tiny two-piece. 

WATCH: Christina Hall attends the Barbie premiere

While Christina wowed, fans couldn’t help but be drawn to Josh’s heavily tattooed body as he posed shirtless alongside his wife. 

His entire torso, arm and leg were covered in ink and fans commented: “Those Tattoos are distracting,” and, “Barbie and Ken,” while a third added: “His body tattoos are memorials to his family and grandmother. Love,” as a fourth chimed in: “Josh is so handsome, he doesn’t need the tattoos.”

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Christina Hall and her husband celebrated her 40th in Mexico

Many complimented Christina on her figure. She recently revealed her secrets to staying fit and healthy, much to the delight of her fans. 

The home renovation guru maintains the healthiest lifestyle she can, and detailed her routine, from workouts to facials and more.Speaking with Us Weekly, Christina said: “I do a lot for my health because being on and having energy is so important to me. I eat healthy and organize. I prioritize good facials and Skincare and I do IVs.”

Christina and her husband Josh smiling arm in arm at the premiere© Getty Images
Christina and her husband Josh at the premiere of Barbie

Despite her busy work schedule and caring for her three children, Hudson, three, Brayden, seven, and Taylor, 12, Christina carves out time for exercise. 

“That usually consists of a nice walk with the dogs or a light 20-minute cardio routine or the Peloton,” she said, as she admitted she used to overexert herself in her 20s when she was doing hard work-outs out of anxiety.

The Flip or Flop star with her three children
The Flip or Flop star with her three children

“If I didn’t run five miles, I felt like my head was going to explode,” she recalled, though added: “Then it started making me feel sick. Now if I overexert myself, I don’t feel great.”

Nonetheless, she did confess: “I don’t know how to be bored,” before explaining: “I thrive in chaos and newness and I just like testing myself and thinking about what’s next.”

Christina has been married twice before© Instagram
Christina has been married twice before

She went on and teased: “I have big goals for the next 10 years, and I’ll be going very hard. Maybe [I’ll change] in my 50s or 60s — we’ll see!”


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