Blac Chyna Insists She’s ‘Never’ Had ‘Negative’ Feelings Toward The Kardashians… WHAT?!?


Blac Chyna has no hard feelings toward the Kardashian Jenner family. In fact, she claims she “never” had any negativity toward them. That’s nice, but, um… What in the heck is she talkin’ about?!?

Speaking with The Sun on Tuesday, the 35-year-old model opened up about her feud with the famous family. For those who don’t recall, Chyna has had issues with the KarJenners ever since her reality show with her baby daddy and ex, Rob Kardashian, was canceled after one season following the pair’s breakup. E! obviously would not continue Rob & Chyna since they were no longer a couple. However, Chyna believed there was more to the story about why the network scrapped the series.

She alleged in a 2017 lawsuit for defamation and contract interference that Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian plotted to ruin her reputation and her show. The group went to court last year, where Chyna’s legal team claimed Kris falsely accused her of attacking Rob. She also said the family allegedly reported the incident to the network in order to stop Season 2 of Rob & Chyna from getting the green light.

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Chyna was already blasting the KarJenner fam pretty hard in public and in court through statements from her legal team. But the battle quickly turned even nastier…

Rob came forward and confirmed that a December 2016 argument turned physical. She confessed to wrapping a cell phone charger around his neck and pointing an unloaded gun at him during the altercation. When Chyna testified about the situation, she said she was “just joking” at the time. Corey Gamble testified that Chyna threatened to kill both Rob and Kylie! Not to mention her tax issues came to light…

Production executives also testified they didn’t move forward with Rob & Chyna since “there was no more Rob and Chyna.” Honestly that makes perfect sense. So ultimately she lost the $100 million lawsuit. And heck, she even blasted the judge! She also reached a settlement before heading to trial with Rob that same year for their revenge porn case.

It’s safe to say that there’s been a lot of drama and history between Chyna and the KarJenners. But where do they stand now? Shockingly enough, she shared with The Sun that things are “good” between them. And looking back at their feud, the former reality star swore she “never” had any “negative” feelings towards the Kardashians! She told the outlet:

“It’s going good. It’s going good. I think that everything will get better, like, with time. Things just have to, like, kind of move on. As far as negativity goes, no. On my side, there’s never been anything negative. I don’t talk about them. I’ve never talked about them for what, the past six years now. So it’s all love.”

Seriously?! We know she’s going through a personal rebirth period, but did she just forget everything that has happened over the past few years? Because we doubt the Kardashian-Jenners would feel “it’s all love” between them too! Chyna continued:

“Like once you start focusing on yourself, everything is kind of trickled down. And I think the best part about that is like even with me working out, my kids see that so they’re active. It’s like the more active I am, the more active they are. So that’s really important too. I feel like a lot of kids, they’re not really active as much because of social media and this and that. They’re like worried about the wrong things when they should be like running and playing and drawing and painting up my shoes and stuff like that.”

But it’s not just love with the reality TV royalty.

As for her co-parenting relationship with Rob and Tyga, with whom she shares Dream and 10-year-old son King, respectively? Chyna insisted that everything has been amicable with both dads, too, saying:

“You know what, actually there are no challenges, everything’s been going like really smooth, which I’m really grateful for. They’re good both sides, my side, and the fathers’ side, the main focus is the kids and whatever it is that they are into, we gonna support. Of course like show discipline, what’s right, what’s wrong, but just really whatever it is that they want to do.”

Whelp, we guess Chyna’s recent fillers/”>physical and lifestyle changes have really helped her in all aspects of her life, including moving on from her messy situation with Rob and the Kardashian women! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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