Bethenny Frankel Slammed for Buying $20K Chanel Birdcage Bag

Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel has plenty of opinions. She loves to riff about pop culture. She delights in shading Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle. And she lives to Skincare-line/”>evaluate beauty products and give her opinion to her social media followers.

Lately, Bethenny has been accused of flaunting her wealth. She showed off all 10 carats of her diamond engagement ring in an Instagram video. The former RHONY star compared her ring to one-carat and two-carat diamonds.

Bethenny recently unveiled a pricy new possession in an Instagram video. And let us just say the judgment was swift.

Bethenny’s birdcage was nothing to sing about

She started her Instagram video with the big reveal. “This is so special that I think it requires my first real unboxing, for the first time ever,” Bethenny said. She displayed the $20,000 Chanel bag in the shape of a gold birdcage. In case we didn’t understand how amazing this bag is, Bethenny called it “special” several times.

She explained how Paul Bernon, her fiancé, “likes things that are very unique and special and you’re not going to see everywhere.” Bethenny added, “He likes collectible items, so he always asks me, ‘Is this a major bag alert?’”

This bag is not only functional, but it doubles as a “piece of art.” I feel a migraine coming on.

The Skinnygirl mogul added, “You can leave this on a coffee table, and I shall.” Bethenny made sure to mention that “there were very few that were ever made in the world.” Amen to that.

But Bethenny also showed us how to carry the bag. We are not worthy!

Is Bethenny just showing off?

Of course, the Instagram comments were savage. “If I remember correctly on your podcast you went on a lengthy rant regarding bloggers unboxing and flaunting high-priced luxury items and how those bloggers were sending the wrong messages and were basically the downfall of our society. Now, personally, I don’t mind it, it’s not real world for most but it’s fun to watch,” one fan wrote. “Point is, pick a lane Bethany [sic] and practice what you preach.”

Another follower commented, “This is a bag? This is idiotic. I don’t see anything special about this even as a decoration. Pretty sure you can get the same exact one made in China for super cheap.” Agreed.

“Bethanny [sic], I love you. You make me laugh and I agree with 99% of what you say. This however, I cannot get behind. But you be you and keep entertaining us,” a follower wrote.

Well, Bethenny will keep being Bethenny. And that includes subjecting us to the strange things that the ultra-wealthy purchase.

Meanwhile, The Real Housewives of New York City Season 14, with an entirely new cast, premieres Sunday, July 16th at 9/8c.


Bethenny and Luann are back at it!

Wedding hats at the ready!

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