Makeup artists did not want her to look plastic; says, \’Fake image wasn\’t beautiful\”,’1231572′,’https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/barbie-online-where-and-how-to-stream-margot-robbie-and-ryan-gosling-starrer-heres-everything-you-need-to-know-1231397′,’articlepage’,’/entertainment/hollywood/barbie-margot-robbies-makeup-artists-did-not-want-her-to-look-plastic-says-fake-image-wasnt-beautiful-1231572′,’Barbie’,’Content Inline Link’,’entertainment’,’hollywood’);”>Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig and Starring Margot Robbie has already gone beyond everyone’s expectations. Now the people that are responsible for the amazing styling of the characters in the movie are talking about the process of finalizing everyone’s look.

Barbie’s makeup artist Ivana Primorac didn’t like plastic look

While talking to E! News, Ivana Primorac said, that in the early stages of the movie they “thought, ‘Should they have plastic seams? Should they have plastic skin, plastic hair?’ We didn’t like all of those things in the end because Barbies are beautiful in every child’s mind. So, once we created that fake image it wasn’t beautiful.”

So instead she reveals that they focused on making Barbie and Ken look as unique and as possible. Ivana continued, “What’s most beautiful, is each person being the best they can be. To make them believable, relatable and into dolls, every single Ken and Barbie had to be the best version of themselves. Everyone had to have the best skin that suits them, everyone had to have the Hair color that suits them.”

While Ivana refrained from giving the Barbies and Kens a plastic-style appearance, doll-like elements were still incorporated. Every detail, from the elbows and ears to the heels, required careful attention to achieve an almost airbrushed look.

Ivana pointed out, “There’s a high finish to everything,” emphasizing that the hair had to be more voluminous, and the skin needed to appear more radiant and luminous.

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Margot Robbie (YouTube)

The Difficulty of getting the Barbie look

The makeup artist explains just hard it was to get the perfect Barbie look, “It was pretty difficult to cheat the makeup. I wanted her skin to look fresh at all times.”

But at the same time, they had plenty of fun with cheek and lip colors. She revealed, “Margot would choose her lipstick and blush according to what costume she wore. We had a little shop set up for her with 50 shades of red and pink, and she could choose whichever one was best for that outfit.”

Primorac told the outlet, “Beauty is the center of what Barbie is.” She believes that the character “has to be beautiful—but that’s why I think the story is so clever. Ultimately, the film is about so many other things—individuality, our beauty as people, how it can be celebrated in every way.”

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