Sarah Jessica Parker revealed the mystery behind Carrie Bradshaw’s famously bare nails.

The And Just Like That star, 58, opened up to Glamour on Wednesday, June 21, about why neither she nor her beloved character wear nail polish.

“I never do my nails … and I’ve probably had nail polish on my nails twice in 10 years,” Parker explained. Although fans might expect Carrie to always have a perfect manicure, Parker noted that because the character is a writer, “[Manicures] seemed a) futile because it would always be messed up, and b) an obstacle on the speedy road toward thoughts being written.”

Parker also revealed that because the show isn’t shot in order, “Practically speaking, it’s problematic to have a nail color that’s got to match every single scene. It gets in the way of speed and economy.”

Although getting a manicure is not something Carrie would typically “spend time expressing herself” with, the Failure to Launch star revealed that fans will be able to catch a glimpse of the character rocking bold nail polish later in the season. “I thought it would be interesting to do, given the outfits and given the environment in which those scenes take place,” Parker said.

In another iconic fashion moment, viewers were also looking forward to seeing Carrie re-wear her iconic wedding dress during the season 2 premiere of And Just Like That, which aired on Thursday, June 22.

During the episode — spoiler alert — Carrie was planning to attend the Met Gala, but her original design for the “Veiled Beauty” themed event went haywire. Desperate for a new outfit, the fashion guru turned to her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, which fans instantly recognized from the 2008 Sex and the City movie. The gown features a strapless neckline, fitted bodice and extravagant skirt including ruffle details and a glamorous train. For the gala, she paired the garb with the original teal feather that stuck out of her veil, along with a matching shawl designed by her friend.

In a Friday, June 23 interview with Today, And Just Like That costume designer Danny Santiago explained that “Bringing [the dress] back changes the sentiment of what that dress meant.” When Carrie first wore the gown, she was stood up at the altar by her eventual husband, John Preston, a.k.a. Mr. Big. (Mr. Big, portrayed by Chris North, died in a heart attack in season 1. Now Santiago explained, “Carrie can repurpose it and replace it with the wonderful memory of wearing it to the Met Ball.”

According to the costume designer, retrieving the wedding dress was a stressful process — the crew “didn’t even know if it existed, [or] if it needed repair.” Santiago noted that while “sometimes fabric changes color over time” when they’re not “stored properly,” Carrie looked just as beautiful in the gown as she did when her character first debuted it.

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