Monica Says She’s ‘Open’ To ‘More Children’ & Marriage

R&B singer Monica is getting candid regarding her feelings about love, marriage, and more children.

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Monica Shared Her Thoughts In ESSENCE’S Lastest Cover

The 42-year-old graced the cover of Essence’s July/August digital issue and transparently shared her thoughts about love. The singer explained that she is looking toward the future with excitement.

“I can’t wait to meet the person I could spend the rest of my life with…”

Additionally, she said that she is “open” to having “more children” and “getting married.” Then explained that she is not “tainted” by her “past experiences” with romance.

“I’m open to having more children and getting married. I’m not bitter or tainted by my past experiences at all. I just feel like the things that I’ve gone through have been to build me, not break me…”

The “So Gone” singer acknowledged that she has experienced heartbreak but believes it was all worthwhile for what awaits.

“Yes, there were times when I’ve been hurt. Of course, I’ve experienced having a broken heart, multiple times. But I know that the right person is going to love me the right way. The day that I meet someone that I know is the one, my children and I are going to embrace that. I’m not afraid of love…”


The Singer Also Shared An Update Regarding Her Forthcoming Album

During the interview, Monica also shared an update regarding her forthcoming album, Trenches, while also acknowledging her fans’ frustration with its delayed arrival.

“I think there’s been a little frustration toward me when it comes to releasing Trenches, and I completely understand why and take full accountability…”

She explained.

“But I would rather the music be late and great than be right away and missing elements that I know should be there.”

According to TrueExclusives, the singer announced the album in 2020. Furthermore, it will be her first in almost eight years.

Monica & Her Music Previously Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Monica and her music most recently made headlines when she interrupted her DC concert to halt a fight in the audience.

The singer broke up the fiasco by reminding concertgoers that she was “singing a love song” and not “Knuck If You Buck.” Additionally, Monica encouraged those involved in the altercation to “get a drink” on her.

“… I ain’t singing Knuck If You Buck baby, calm that s**t down. Aht, aht, aht, somebody take her and get a drink on me. Calm down.”

The singer then dedicated her single, “So Gone,” to the woman involved in the altercation.

After the incident, Monica entered The Shade Room’s comment section to explain her “bewilderment” at the incident.

“I was bewildered by this behavior during Why I Love You So Much… DC was a blast, though! Lol.”

Roomies, what do you think of Monica’s outlook on love? Are you happy to hear her perspective and her update regarding her next album?

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