Kroy May Have Info Against Kim Zolciak

Lots of people are talking about the Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann divorce because everyone loves a mess. And mess is what we’re getting with the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum. It’s a gosh darn shame Kim finally has a storyline and no show. It may be worse than a fashion show with no fashion, but I digress.

Kim and her estranged husband have been declining since news of their marriage bust came out. Neither seem particularly mature and both refuse to leave the marital home. Kroy and Kimbo have also been public with their mudslinging, which will only harm the kids going forward.

Now Kroy may or may not have info that could paint Kim’s parenting skills in a bad light. OK! has the scoop.

Kim too unfit to parent?

The war seems to have been going on for a while, but the battle just started. Kim and Kroy will have the courts determine custody of the four little kids and who gets the house no one can afford.

When Kroy filed, he requested sole physical and legal custody of the tiny Biermanns and he did NOT specify visitation for Kim. On the other side, Kim wants sole physical and joint legal custody, and visitation for Kroy.

Attorney Charlotte Christian advised, “Based on his [Kroy’s] bold decision to take full custody of the children, there could be pertinent information Kroy holds against Kim that proves she’s an unfit mother.” He has already accused Kim of having a gambling addiction. Also, anyone who has watched her on television knows it isn’t coconut water in her Solo cups.

The custody battle begins

Accordingly, Kim’s filing shows, “[Kroy] is a good dad and should be able to spend time with their children.” This is despite Kroy’s alleged use of the devil’s lettuce on a regular basis. The attorney said Kroy’s docs have an entirely different feel and perhaps he truly believes she’s unfit. She added he may think, “that Kim is not a good mother and should not be able to see their children at all.”

She continued, “In this case, fact-finding is necessary. We don’t know all the facts yet, only speculations. We will have to wait and see about the facts that will be presented in court to possibly support this, as his demands on custody are out of the norm (courts usually push for joint custody in most cases).”

Apparently, Kroy will be required to prove Kim “cannot be around” her children “at all.” Furthermore, if info is revealed that shows Kim shouldn’t be around the kids, he’ll have a good shot at sole custody. Otherwise joint custody will most likely be considered.

In addition to the kids, Kroy wants the house. There has been no decision on Kroy’s request to have Kim removed from the property.


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