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“The Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson has been answering questions about her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock since the proceedings began in Summer 2020.

Now, as she prepares to release her 10th studio album, “Chemistry” (which comes out on June 23), Clarkson is revisiting this period in her life and explaining more of the emotions she felt surrounding the end of her marriage.

In a June 19 interview with ET Canada, Clarkson confirmed that she started going to therapy during a difficult period in her marriage and has kept up the practice through her divorce to today. When asked how much money she was able to save by skipping therapy to channel her emotions into her new batch of 14 songs, Clarkson clarified that she hasn’t skipped a session. “Girl, I didn’t save [any money],” the “American Idol” winner said.

Kelly Clarkson Explains What She’s Learned From Therapy

“I’ve been regularly doing [therapy]. I do love it. I actually started when I was married, you know, obviously having difficulties and… not just about the Relationships, just in general, I’d never really done regular therapy or anything like that,” Clarkson explained in the interview, explaining that the decision to go to therapy “was a really good turning point for me.”

“They give you so many tools for how to navigate certain situations and also to have somebody outside your circle that doesn’t know anything but just knows what’s happening in the now. And that was really helpful,” Clarkson continued on after explaining that prior to going to therapy she would use her close circles of friends as a sounding board for anything that was troubling her.

Although it came out of a dark period in her life, Clarkson is eager to release “Chemistry”. She told ET Canada, “I always say like people’s best work of art, whether you’re a sculptor, painter, writer, whatever you are, it’s usually after a hard time because that’s when they’re feeling everything so intensely, the artist, right?”

Despite this excitement, releasing such a personal project does not come without its nerves, as Clarkson has previously opened up about in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, saying, “I’ve always written with a vulnerable heart, so I’m very open. So I’m not nervous about that. I think I’m just more nervous on a personal note because it’s one of those things where I’m going to have to keep talking about it and keep performing.”

Team Kelly Champion Chevel Shepherd Announces Engagement

Although her coach Clarkson’s marriage did not end as lovingly as it began, “The Voice” season 15 champion (and Team Kelly member) Chevel Shepherd is starting preparations for her own walk down the aisle. Shepherd confirmed her engagement in a June 18 Instagram post, writing, “You’re looking at future Mrs. Garcia!! God put us together and He sure did bless me with the most amazing, loving, kind man ever. I love you so much, and I’m so excited to marry you and spend forever with you. ❤️”

Shepherd was Clarkson’s second consecutive “Voice” winner after season 14 (Clarkson’s first season on the show) brought home a Team Kelly win with teenage singer Brynn Cartelli.

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