If ‘Love & Hip Hop’ calls Joseline Hernandez, the Puerto Rican Princess is ready to answer! Speaking on The Breakfast Club, Joseline confirmed she’s interested in returning to the reality TV series.

About 31 minutes into the interview, Hernandez revealed she would spin the block to star in the Atlanta series or settle for Miami–where she lives now.

“Absolutely. I want to do it right now. Whoever is in charge of Love & Hip-Hop come holla at the princess imma come through,” Hernandez said.

Earlier in the interview, she admitted that she hasn’t recently spoken to Mona Scott-Young, owner of the production company behind the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise. However, Hernandez said she isn’t holding grudges over their past disagreements, including Joseline’s portrayal on television.

“You come to a place where you grow up. I don’t gotta keep being mad at Mona or being mad at anybody for nothing. How does that help me? How does that get me any blessing? How does that make God keep opening my third eye so I can keep pursing my dream and my career?”

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In fact, the Puerto Rican Princess gave both Mona and Zeus network owner Lemuel Plummer their flowers for the “amazing opportunities” they gave her.

“…Cause when I did Love & Hip Hop, I was younger, I was wild, I was out there. So it’s only so much a network can do but for yourself, to help you or break you. You still have to accept responsibility as a human being for yourself. With that, that’s what it was right. And if it wasn’t for Love & Hip Hop, let’s just be real, I would not be here with [“Joseline’s Cabaret”].”

Joseline Hernandez Discusses Her ‘Negative’ Image On Reality TV And What’s Different About “Joseline’s Cabaret”

At one point in the interview, DJ Envy asked Joseline if she intentionally turns up for the cameras. Hernandez said she “absolutely” does because “why the f**k wouldn’t [she].”

Still, she feels that “Joseline’s Cabaret” –which she owns the intellectual property rights to–showcases her business side, unlike before.

“When you see me on Zeus with Lemuel on the Cabaret, I just think that you see so much more of me running a business instead of seeing the personal Joseline. Like the personal Joseline is different than the Joseline that’s running a business. So I might look rah-rah and like I’m being put in this light, but you gotta remember, you only seeing just 20-30 percent of my life.”

As far as how she carries herself on the show, Joseline seemed unphased by past critiques.

“…With the Cabaret, like listen, that’s just how I run my motherf*****g show. I want my b*****s to do what the f**k I tell them to do. If you can’t, b***h, you can’t be in the Cabaret because I’m giving you an opportunity. I pay them $500 a day when they go on tour with me.”

Joseline Denies Knowing Big Lexi Following Arrest For Their Fight

At two points in the interview, DJ Envy and guest judge Jess Hilarious mentioned Joseline’s tussle with Big Lexi.

Towards the beginning, Hernandez declined to get into details given that she was arrested, and it’s a pending legal issue now. However, she spoke about the viral clips not telling the full story.

“The media only show you one thing. It looks like a lot of chaos, but you may not know what happened prior to that chaos, like five seconds before or ten seconds before, and because it’s me, it’s always bigger than what it actually is,” Joseline said.

When DJ Envy later asked about Lexi again, Joseline Hernandez replied, “Don’t know that h*e.” One thing about the Puerto Rican Princess is that she will accept what comes of her actions, she said.

“I’m not crazy. I’m not gon ever do anything that truly in my heart don’t feel like I need to do and I’m going to take the consequences after,” Joseline said.

Following Joseline and Big Lexi’s at the Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III exhibition match, Florida Broward County officers arrested Hernandez. She was charged with domestic battery, trespassing, resisting arrest/obstruction with violence, and regular battery.

As for what she wants out of life, Joseline Hernandez says it’s simple: to live a good life and follow her dreams.

“Now all I want to do is really just do my job. Do what I love to do: music, TV, help the little girls, take care of Bonnie, have another child with my husband, and keep pursuing my dreams. I don’t really want that much in life. I feel like I want what everyone should want, a good life, a good personal life with their family and their children.”

Her number one goal as someone who came from a low-income, single-parent, and drug-exposed childhood is to inspire little girls to dream bigger.

“My most important thing is to showcase to the little girls that they can do it. If I did it, you can do it too. Like that’s always gon be my angle cause I have a daughter, and it’s rooted deep in my heart. I want to always be that voice of reasoning to the young girls cause they know I was a mess when I first came out. But look where I come from, look what cards was given to me for me to play.”

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