Jen Armstrong Sued For Illegal Substance Use in Cosmetic Procedure

Bravo are probably patting themselves on the back right now, after deciding not to bring Jen Armstrong back for the latest Real Housewives of Orange County season. Turns out that the doctor is being sued by an ex-patient. The allegations aren’t pretty. Let’s get into it.

Jen denies fraud and using illegal black market products

Former patient Carol Desmond has filed a lawsuit against Jen, as well as her company Jennifer Armstrong M.D., and a former doctor called Donald Woo Lee.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, the defendants are accused of fraud and battery. Jen and Donald are accused of having conspired together to insert illegal black market substances and materials as part of a cosmetic procedure. The suit alleges that the products they use are not FDA-approved.

The suit then says Jen let Donald perform medical-type procedures on patients. All this, despite him not being a licensed physician. It goes on to add that he “was convicted by a federal jury for committing several federal felonies, including healthcare fraud, using contaminated medical instruments on patients, and submitting false statements to bankruptcy court.”

“By using her patients who she lured into her Newport Beach, California office as prey for their deceitful scheme, ARMSTRONG did not have to pay pharmaceutical companies and representatives for more expensive, quality, regulated, legal products, and LEE could continue to earn a profit by serving not only as a middle man for black-market, illegally imported substances and devices but also by acting as a licensed physician,” the lawsuit claims.

Jen is accused of paying the former doctor $129,000 for his illegal goods and services back in 2020. The reality star denies all of the allegations made.


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