General Hospital Spoilers: Will Cody be able to protect Sasha from the clutches of Gladys?


Fans of popular soap opera General Hospital can expect confrontations, heartbreak, and drama from the upcoming episodes of the long-running ABC series. Keep reading to find out the spoilers and highlights for the June 21, 2023, episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

After finding out the truth from her brother Zeke, Portia decided to confront Jordan, played by Tanisha Harper. She arrives at the latter’s office and asks her why she kissed her husband, Curtis, played by Donnell Turner. Jordan is in no mood to argue with Portia, played by Brook Kerr, and tells her that she needs to talk to her husband about this instead of her.

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That is definitely what Portia has plans to do next. How will Curtis explain this to Portia? Will this cause an unfixable dent in their Relationship and already cracked marriage? While Sam, played by Kelly Monaco, wants to save Cody, played by Josh Kelly, from the wrong allegations against him, Cody wants to save Sasha, played by Sofia Mattsson, from Gladys, played by Bonnie Burroughs. He tells Sam that he doesn’t want Sasha to get hurt.

Sasha, on the other hand, has started believing Cody now and even defends him against slander. Is this the start of a blooming friendship or something even more? Will Cody be able to protect Sasha by getting rid of Gladys as her legal guardian? Will Sasha find out the truth about Gladys? How will she react when she does? Molly, played by Holiday Mia Kriegel, and TJ, played by Tajh Bellow, have been wanting to have a baby via surrogacy.

What they were not yet aware of was how their plans could get trashed because Molly does not have a lot of potential eggs to harvest and freeze. When the two find out about the complications, they are left heartbroken and devastated. Molly wonders if TJ and she are even meant to have children. TJ reassures Molly and lets her know that he will be there to support her no matter what she decides to do in the future. Will they go ahead with their parenthood plans or will they dump their dreams in light of the complications?

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