What Stassi Schroeder Said About Faith Stowers in Her Book


Here's What Stassi Schroeder Said About Faith Stowers in Her Book That Prompted the Vanderpump Rules Alum to Pursue a Lawsuit Against Her

Faith Stowers created a GoFundMe page days ago in hopes of raising enough money to file a lawsuit against Stassi Schroeder for the things she said about her in her book, Off With My Head, which she released in April of this year.

After the Vanderpump Rules alum accused Stassi of making false and harmful claims and said she hopes to get the book removed, with all royalties given to a charity or family in need, a number of excerpts about Faith from the publication have been shared.

After the excerpts were shared on TikTok by user CoccaCocca911, All About the Real Housewives reshared her posts to their Instagram page.

“During the season, Kristen Doute, my fellow cast member, started getting texts from people alleging that Faith had stolen from them [in the] past and saying that Faith was in a surveillance video showing [someone] stealing. Then we saw a news article with the video still of the woman who was accused of stealing, so we called the tip line,” Stassi revealed in one chapter.

Stassi continued, “We (stupidly) thought it might be Faith, partly because multiple had been texting Kristen saying it was her, and also in our very flawed detective work, we thought the description of the woman’s Tattoos sounded like Faith’s. Kristen left a message on the tip line and gave her own contact information, and we never heard back, so that was the end of it. To my knowledge, Faith never even knew about the call until she heard me talk about it on a podcast about a year later. I wasn’t hiding it, but I also shouldn’t have been talking and joking about it. We also shouldn’t have made that phone call, but I didn’t understand that at the time.”

At another point in the book, Stassi, who, along with Kristen, was fired from Pump Rules for her actions against Faith, who appeared in a guest role on season six and caught backlash for sleeping with Jax Taylor amid his relationship with now-wife Brittany Cartwright, claimed to have learned why turning Faith in for a crime she didn’t commit was wrong and dangerous.

“I think one of the most profound things I’ve learned is that just because it wasn’t about race for me doesn’t mean that it wasn’t about race for Faith,” she noted.

“Faith brought her experience as a Black woman, and I brought mine as a white woman — a white woman who has never had [to] think twice about the police or what that means for other people, [which is] basically the pillar of white privilege,” she continued. “So while Kristen and I didn’t feel [the] situation was about race, it was for Faith, and because of that, it was about race.”

Stassi also admitted to sensationalizing the behavior for “a good podcast story” and said she handled the situation “incorrectly.”

I was wrong. I just need people to understand this wasn’t motivated by her race … She had deeply hurt my friend,” Stassi explained, giving a nod to Faith’s one-night stand with Jax.

As of June 21, the GoFundMe page has raised over $6,400 of Faith’s $20,000 goal.

The 11th season of Vanderpump Rules is expected to begin filming later this month.


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