Summer Beauty Buddies: Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Wash and Body Butter


And it has pockets!

It’s a total coincidence that today’s summer beauty buddies match my dress!

Side note, it’s the Athleta Conscious Dress. I bought the petite version in the color Salvia Pink on sale a while back for like $30! And oh la la, it has pockets.

Anywho, Trader Joe’s limited edition Brazil Nut Body Wash and Body Butter, last time I checked, were $5.99 each at our local store, but dang, I’ve been seeing it on online resale sites for crazy inflated prices, like $25 for the Body Wash and $45 for the Body Butter. I guess people really like it!

So much yum

Or, maybe they’re so hooked they’ll pay whatever it takes because the scent is crazy addictive.

Major mood lift

It’s a mix of delicious food notes – salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla and coconut. Typically I’d consider these cozy notes for winter scents, but the addition of the coconut tips it into summer territory.

It’s strong but not cloyingly sweet, and when I can smell it on my arms and on my hands, I can’t help but feel the tropical island vibes! It’s a major mood lifter.

And it keeps going and going and going

I think you’ve gotta do both the Body Wash and Body Butter together. When I layer the two, I’m happily surrounded by the deliciousness all day long.

No need for a separate body splash or perfume on top, although I wouldn’t be surprised if TJ’s launched something next year to round out the whole experience.

Rich and creamy

The Body Wash is creamy and foams up into a lovely, soft lather. The Body Butter has a whipped consistency, so it easily sinks into the skin, and is rich enough for my uber-dry spots.

Neither are tested on animals, which is a nice plus!

Would I buy this again?

Matchy matchy!

Oh, most definitely. If you’re shopping at TJs and see them on shelves and you happen to like tropical notes with a foodie vibe, grab ’em while you can!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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