Much about the new cast of Real Housewives of New York City may still be under wraps, but the ladies of the Big Apple are revealing their connections to the Bravolebrity universe. 

All six cast members — including Jenna Lyons, Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Jessel Taank, Brynn Whitfield and Erin Lichy — recently sat down with Cosmopolitan to dish about what eager fans can expect when the revamped Real Housewives franchise premieres July 16, along with the sage advice they’ve gotten from other Bravo celebs. 

Jenna brings with her an impressive pedigree as the former president and executive creative director of J. Crew, but the cofounder of LoveSeen said the new iteration of RHONY brings a more eclectic mix of life experiences than its predecessor. 

“Where the franchise started was trying to capture this aspirational Upper East Side enclave. Nothing is wrong with that, but it doesn’t speak to all of New York,” she told the magazine. “New York has always been a little gritter and cooler than the Upper East Side.” 

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Jenna said she joined the cast, in part, to increase the representation of gay women on television. 

And she isn’t the only one eager to showcase more of America’s diverse Makeup.

I’m the first Indian housewife ever to be cast in the franchise and I love to be the first,” Jessel said. “I’m Hindu and Ubah is Muslim and there are certain taboo topics for women that come from those communities. I really wanted to come and eradicate some of that stigma.”

The ladies are poised to make their mark on the successful reality franchise, with model and philanthropist Ubah describing the upcoming season of RHONY as “inspirational,” “stunning,” and “fun” — but before they delved into the Bravolebrity universe they admittedly got a little advice from other celebs.

“I talked to Lisa Vanderpump, actually,” marketing consultant Brynn shared of the Vanderpump Rules boss. “I knew her prior to the show because her daughter is my good friend. She said be yourself and have fun. Just enjoy it.” 

The sound advice was echoed by RHONY alum Jill Zarin and her daughter Ally, who dined with Erin and Sai. 

“They all say the same thing: Be true to yourself because the audience will see right through you,” Sai said.

But not all have gushed about the power of celebrity. Some, including The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joey Gorga, shared some cautionary words of wisdom for the newcomers.

“Joey Gorga called my husband Abe and the advice he gave was amazing: ‘You better watch your wife! Better make sure it doesn’t go to her head!” Erin hilariously shared. “He was like, ‘Get all the guys drunk, get them trashed!’ We were like ‘we don’t have that many guys.”

RHONY alum Ramona Singer told Ubah it’s likely her love life could take a hit as a result of her new found fame. 

“Ramona was so funny. I love Ramona because…she’s Ramona!” Ubah said. “We met at a lounge and she asks, ‘Are you married?’ and I said no and she was like, ‘Forget it after this show.’ You might think it was mean but it was hilarious. She’s f–cking right.”

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Yet the owner of hot sauce company UBAH Hot isn’t ready to turn in her dance card just yet. “I tell boys now, you got to put a ring on it because my price is about to go up,” Ubah said.

Ubah also has a connection to The Real Housewives of Dubai’s Chanel Ayan. According to Page Six, the two women are cousins.

“Chanel just said to have entertainment, drama. But nothing ill-intended because we are all human and we are all women,” she told the outlet at the time. “Make it fun but don’t go below the belt.”

Most of the Housewives (and their husbands) have been all too happy to share the tips they’ve picked up along the way, but not everyone has been as affable. 

“I met someone who wasn’t very nice, but I don’t say who,” Sai said. 

“I think she was mean to a lot of people,” Erin agreed, before Jenna chimed in and called the mystery Housewife “salty.” 

Frenemies aside, the ladies of RHONY say the upcoming season promises plenty of fun, and let’s be honest, a large helping of drama too.

Season 14 of RHONY premieres on Sunday, July 16, at 9/8c.


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