Bethenny Frankel Responds to ‘Jealous’ Critic


Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel’s latest social media video garnered the “Real Housewives of New York City” alum some mixed reactions from fans, as she posted a clip showing off her huge engagement ring from fiancé Paul Bernon.

Frankel posted a video that showed a one-carat ring followed by a two-carat ring as the lyrics stated, “One margarita I’mma open my legs, Two margaritas I’mma give him some head.” The music then cut out as Frankel showed off her huge diamond engagement ring and she included the text, “What am I going to have to do for this?”

“Kind of scared about what this might mean for me,” Frankel captioned the video. However, while some laughed at the RHONY alum’s video, Frankel received a lot of criticism in the comments and she replied to several negative takes. “Seems like it makes you feel jealous. Talk to a professional,” she told one critic.

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Fans Had a Lot to Say About Bethenny Frankel’s Video & the RHONY Alum Replied to Many Critics

Many fans commented on Frankel’s video and laughed at her take, with some suggesting what she might have to do for her huge ring. However, she received a lot of criticism from others, including one person who wrote, “Money Talks……Wealth Whispers. Eeek.”

Frankel replied, “It does… not on social media. This culture celebrates multi million dollar weddings in the south of France disguised as quiet. What a scam. Lol maybe you should do some charity work…. ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for engaging as it is an ENGAGEMENT post!”

One person wrote that it was, “Such a gross post.” Someone called the Bravo star a “show off” while another wrote, “Too big! Looks fake as f! Not classy at all!” One commenter wrote that while they love Frankel, the video gave them “a little ick” and was “too braggy.”

The person added that it also wasn’t safe to flaunt her wealth, pointing out that after Kim Kardashian was robbed, one of the people involved said the star was too “showy,” as the New York Post reported. “It’s in a vault. It’s called humor. Get a sense of it,” Frankel replied.

Bethenny Frankel & Paul Bernon Met in 2018 & Got Engaged in February 2021

Frankel and Bernon began dating in 2018 and the businessman proposed to Frankel in February 2021. Frankel told People in April 2021 that they met on a dating app and she felt “pretty lucky” when she saw him. “He had a twinkle,” she spilled. “He came as advertised — better than advertised. He overshot the mark.”

Frankel and Bernon got engaged in February 2021 and confirmed the news the following month, as the RHONY alum explained that they didn’t feel like announcing it right away. The proposal was “intimate,” she told People. It took place on an island off the Florida coast and she described the low-key event: “Just the two of us… No Makeup, no manicure, no ring photos. It was very simple and beautiful.”

In June 2022, Frankel posted a sweet message for her partner, writing, “My boo…my BAE my BFF…I love you Paul… thank you for supporting me…time apart bc of work is never easy in a relationship and it’s how we spend our time together that really matters…I can’t wait for our summer of love….”

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