Talent reality show America’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of scary and astonishing acts. The popular competitive series is currently in its eighteenth season and the fourth episode of auditions saw a horror-infused contortion act by an auditionee that left the judges terrified. Keep reading to know what the performance was about and why the panel got scared.

AGT 2023: Pole dancer contortionist El Invertebrado scares judges

The judges of America’s Got Talent 18, namely Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel, were waiting for the next contestant to appear when they screamed for their lives. Gabriel Georgiev, who goes by his stage name El Invertebrado, jump-scared the four as he appeared donning a face of creepy zombie-style Makeup and an equally horror-inspired costume. The Dominican dancer and aerialist sure knows how to make an entrance.

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While El Invertebrado shocked the entire panel, Mandel and Klum jumped out of their seats. Vergara, who is known for starring in Modern Family, laughed, “I almost said a bad word,” while the former two laughed on. The performer then proceeded to go to the stage and started his act which included a combination of contortion and brilliant pole dancing. El Invertebrado elicited shocks and gasps from the judges as well as the audience as they stared at him in disbelief.

He showcased his flexibility and strength and even climbed the pole with one of his legs behind his head. Klum remarked, “He doesn’t look human,” as the talented 21-year-old dancer continued his routine and held onto the pole with his feet. El Invertebrado’s body bending, flexible, and amazing performance earned him a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. He has previously been a semi-finalist on Dominicana’s Got Talent.

Netizens call El Invertebrado’s act ‘intense’ and ‘insane’

Fans of America’s Got Talent expressed their appreciation by completing the dancer on his skillful performance. One user commented, “That was probably one of the most insane, but outstanding, auditions I’ve ever seen on AGT. Amazing job! [x3 clapping emojis].” Another added, “The strength….. The control…… The costume……The makeup…… The hair……. The song. What a truly amazing audition. That was FANTASTIC!!!” A third felt, “Hands down the best and most controlled contortion act I have ever seen. The costume and staying in character throughout just elevated the performance even further.”

While one user wrote, “That was surreal. Best contortionist I’ve ever watched on AGT stage, by far!” another said, “Most intense performance and my best performance this season… Deserves a golden buzzer easily.” A third replied, “I wish he gets the golden buzzer coz this act is insane. The makeup, the act/performance, and the overall look was just perfect for me!!!! Winner alert!” while a fourth chimed in, “I consider that to be highly, extremely unbelievably, remarkably, talented! [celebration emoji].”

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