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Thanks for visiting me here at Dear Sybersue. Today’s topic is: How Do I Know If I am With the Right Partner?

The first question I would ask you is how they make you feel on a regular basis.

  1. Are you generally happy with your partner, and do they add value to who you already are as your authentic self?
  2. Are you both very transparent with one another when it comes to how you communicate?
  3. Do you deal with relationship conflict in a constructive manner and openly share your feelings?
  4. Do you work through daily life hurdles as a couple, quickly repair any problems, and then move on with clarity?
  5. Are you both emotionally available?
  6. You are both on the same page when it comes to romance and intimacy!
  7. Is there respect for each other’s boundaries?
  8. There is no judgment, and you don’t try to change or control each other’s viewpoints.
  9. Loyalty and respect for one another are reciprocated.
  10. Your relationship simply flows naturally and there aren’t a lot of questions.
  11. You have an easy connection, and you are completely yourself in their presence.
  12. You put each other first and prioritize your partnership.
  13. They are proud of your achievements and vice versa. There is no jealousy.
  14. You have each other’s back, and you are supportive of each other’s goals.
  15. You feel safe and can depend on each other during tough times that you go through in your partnership.

On the other side of the spectrum…do you feel anxious, intimidated, or insecure around them?

  • Is there a lot of drama in your relationship?
  • Do you have repeated unresolved issues?
  • Are there trust issues or jealousies that keep you questioning your choice to be in this partnership?
  • Is your gut constantly churning or anxious when you are in their presence?
  • Are you scared or fearful at certain times with your partner?
  • Do you feel that you are sacrificing a big part of who you are to be with your partner?
  • Is there an unbalanced connection, and you often feel that the love isn’t reciprocated?

Always listen to your instincts when choosing to be in any relationship. If any of the points mentioned above are happening, this isn’t a healthy situation for you to be in. If you are constantly nervous or anxious around your partner, please pay close attention and listen to those warning signals. When something is off, you will always feel it in your gut!

Unfortunately, many people will ignore their intuition.

It is so important to understand that when you ignore your instincts is when your life takes a difficult turn. These are valuable warning signs that are trying to get your attention about what is or isn’t happening between you as a couple. This is your intellectual voice of reason that will never lead you astray. It is your best friend who always has your back. Please listen closely to this throughout your life.

When you choose to ignore this internal voice is when your life becomes complicated, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. I personally had to change up my own dating scenario, as I was choosing unavailable men due to being emotionally unavailable myself. I had to do some tough soul-searching to figure out why I didn’t feel worthy of having a reciprocated loving partnership. Not only that, but I took a lot of alone time to gain the clarity I was looking for. This became a very healthy time in my life, and I grew up quickly after that. I knew what was really important for me moving forward.

You may be attracted to people who are complex, which adds a certain excitement or mystery into the mix. I know that I fell into this trap occasionally. Some men and women become very addicted to this type of relationship drama, which causes them to repetitively return to the dating pool over and over again. If this sound like you, it is time to change your behavior and have some boundaries as to what you allow in your personal life.

If you do not learn the important lessons early on and take heed of your instinct’s messages, your path will continue to be a bumpy one.

Finding a loving partnership is not always smooth or uneventful, and nor should it be. Sometimes to find out what it is that you’re looking for is by experiencing what isn’t working for you. The sooner you take notice of those spidey senses that you nudge into reality, will be the time that brings you closer to finding the love you desire.

The most important takeaway from this post and video today is to learn the lessons quickly, own your part in what transpired, and move on to a higher place of self-love. When you love yourself and value who are, is when you will be free and open to finding love with your special person.

Please watch the video above to see and hear more about today’s important discussion. Thank you

Sybersue xo <3

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