Why is Andrew Tate famous and how did he become rich? Here’s everything you need to know

Andrew Tate who came out of the blue, and recently made headlines with many controversial issues. Is not only a well-known personality but also holds a handsome amount of monetary wealth.

Former professional kickboxer, internet personality, and social media influencer Andrew Tate III started his boxing and martial arts training in 2005 and slowly took over In November 2008 by becoming and getting raised to the rank by the International Sport Kickboxing Association as the seventh-best light-heavyweight kickboxer in the United Kingdom.

Tate began selling memberships and courses on the website when he retired. Despite being banned from many venues for his misogynistic social media criticism, he has become a huge figure after his retirement.

How did Andrew climb the ladder of success and become rich? 

Many of the factors that make Andrew Tate so well-liked are very contentious. He took part in the Big Brother house programme. He was expelled after punching a woman with a belt and making abusive comments on social media. The films solely showed consenting intercourse, according to the woman and Tate, and there was no abuse.

He rose to fame on Big Brother, and according to his website, he has four ISKA kickboxing championship victories, and in 2009 he got his first victory. Tate has come up in conversation as the millionaire who has received a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Some consider him to be a menace to the population of younger men since he is recognised as the “King of Toxic Masculinity.” After being barred from numerous social networking sites, Andrew Tate’s influence diminished. Romanian commentator for Extreme Combat. According to reports, his universities’ “students” are using social media to promote him and pick the most contentious subjects and videos to highlight.

Andrew Tate, who rose to fame, was later brought to the ground after arrest. Here is why he was arrested.

In December 2022, Tate was taken into custody in Romania on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and organising a criminal gang. Officials acknowledged the accusations. Since April 2022, he and his brother Tristan have both been the subject of criminal inquiries. They were detained, according to their lawyer, but they chose not to comment.

According to a Tate spokesperson, he was unable to give the Daily Mirror any additional information about the reports. They stated that Tristan and Andrew Tate have the utmost respect for the Romanian government and will always lend a hand and offer assistance. Six women who were allegedly sexually abused by the organized criminal group have been discovered, according to the investigators.

Prosecutors claim that the four suspects established an organized crime gang with the intention of enlisting, housing, and utilizing women by making them produce pornographic material for a fee.

Why was the famous Andrew Tate banned from social media?

In August 2022, Tate was permanently barred from Instagram and Facebook for breaking their rules against hate speech and harmful groups and individuals.

TikTok removed his account after determining that it had violated their policy against posting material that criticizes, threatens, incites violence against, or generally treats people as less than human.

His channel was then suspended by YouTube as well when it was found to have several infractions, including hate speech and COVID-19 disinformation.

Later, Tate removed his Twitch channel. Tate stated that he supported the prohibitions and that the majority of his remarks were misconstrued, but he accepts responsibility for how they were interpreted. Tate was barred from using social media, yet his content was nonetheless shared there.


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