Hollywood actress Gauahar Khan criticised famous couple Justin and Hailey Bieber for their remarks about fasting during the holy month of Ramadan on her most recent Instagram Stories. Justin and Hailey were recently seen giggling about the fact that fasting during Ramadan “deprives your body of nourishment” in an online interview.

Here is what happened:

The mom-to-be, Gauahar Khan, posted on her Instagram story and used her Instagram stories to criticise Hailey and Justin for their offensive comments. Justin and Hailey talk about why they don’t think it makes sense for them to fast in an interview that was posted on the Instagram page Hijab Modern.

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s comment

“I need to give that some serious thought because I never have before. To think clearly, in my opinion, our bodies require nutrition, “begins Justin. Hailey then confessed that she never truly thought fasting “made sense.”. 

And later added, “If you want to turn off the TV or your phone, go ahead. I suppose I believe in it more. But as for fasting from food, it’s never really made sense to me. “We’re definitely like, yep, that’s why you are stupid,” she continued.

The first-time mom-to-be is still fasting though she is Pregnant.

Ramadan is still observed by Gauahar and her husband, Zaid Darbar. In her Instagram Stories, the actor frequently discusses her experience maintaining Roza. The wait for tasty cuisine at the end of the day was depicted in a lovely video that Gauahar uploaded on Thursday.

Recently, Gauahar addressed the issue of whether or not pregnant women can adhere to a fast by saying, “Yes, pregnant women, those who are ill, and people who are travelling are exempt from observing Roza! Instead, you could help feed the poor Rozedaars! Said Gauhar Khan on her Instagram.

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