Comedian and former ‘SNL’ star Victoria Jackson, an American actress, came under fire online for her homophobic rant at a Tennessee municipal council meeting. The 63-year-old public figure spoke on the council’s suggestion to hold a homosexual pride march. 

Who is Victoria Jackson?

Born on August 2, 1959, Victoria Jackson is an American actress who is best known as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’. She has also appeared in several films like Family Business, I Love You To Death, The Couch Trip, The Pick-Up Artist, and Casual Sex. Besides, she appeared in the romantic comedies Shut Up and Kiss Me! and Her Minor Thing in 2004 and 2005, respectively. She also made appearances on Hollywood Squares and took part in Celebrity Fit Club during that time. 


Victoria Jackson (Credits: YouTube)

Why is Victoria facing backlash?

At a city meeting held on Tuesday, in Franklin, Tennessee citizens had the opportunity to speak. One topic that came up was whether or not the city will have a Gay Pride Parade this year. When Victoria finally gets to speak, she begins by categorically declaring that God detests homosexuality and calls it “an abomination,” among other things. A video was shown on the council’s YouTube page, where Jackson introduces herself before bluntly stating that “God hates sodomy.”

She said, “He hates homos*xuality – he said it’s an abomination. And God hates s*xual immorality, of all kinds. And God hates pride. Like, one of the things he hates is pride.”


Fans reaction to Victoria Jackson’s homophobic rant 

Social media users were furious after Victoria Jackson’s remarks on the LGBT pride parade went viral. Many users criticized the actress for using hateful comments and described the situation as depressing. One user commented she’s funnier now than she was on SNL. A second user wrote, ” Karen of SNL…. Let me see your manager… NOW! The third person commented, “God hates” Anything should stop and make you think. Sadly, so many people want to be a part of something hateful. A fourth commented, Hate has ravaged her.


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