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  • Lauren Harpe is a contestant on Survivor season 44.
  • She’s an elementary school teacher.
  • She lives in Texas.

Lauren Harpe has had a quiet edit on Survivor season 44, but she’s still a major threat. The 31-year-old has an Extra Vote which is a huge advantage in the game. If she uses it correctly, Lauren could make a big move and guarantee that she sets herself up to win the game.

Before she flew to Fiji, Lauren said that she felt prepared for the fast-paced gameplay on Survivor, being that she’s an elementary school teacher and a single mom. So far, Lauren is living up her word. Here’s five things you need to know about Lauren Harpe.

Lauren Harpe
Lauren Harpe (Photo: CBS)

Lauren lives in Texas.

Lauren is from Port Arthur, Texas. She now lives in Mont Belvieu, Texas. Lauren is the only contestant from Survivor 44 who is from Texas.

She’s a teacher.

Lauren is an elementary school teacher in Houston. After the season started airing, Lauren posted an adorable photo of all of her students wearing “Team Lauren” Survivor shirts. “It’s such a blessing , and the kids are beyond excited!! Some of them have worn them a few days in a row!” Lauren wrote.

She’s a recent divorcee.

Lauren talked about her divorce in her pre-game interview with Parade. She said her split from her husband, who is the father of her two children, was “physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially taxing on my body.” But Lauren noted that her life hardships could also prepare her for the struggles on Survivor.

Lauren Harpe
Lauren Harpe on ‘Survivor’ (Photo: CBS)

She’s a single mom.

Lauren has been a single mom to her two sons ever since her divorce. She got pregnant when she was 21 years old. She told Parade that her “day-to-day life” revolves around her sons’ needs. Lauren has posted such cute pictures of her sons on Instagram.

She’s active on social media.

Lauren isn’t just on Instagram — she’s also active on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Lauren has been using her social media accounts to promote her Survivor season. After CBS announced the cast earlier this year, Lauren took to Instagram to let her followers know about the big news. “I was given the honor to compete on Season 44 of SURVIVOR and can’t wait for you all to see it!!” she wrote. “This opportunity was mind-blowing to me and truly manifested through prayer and obedience! “

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