A rumour that is hard to believe has been making the rounds on TikTok for quite some time. The power Couple, who are well-known by the audience across the globe and have been part of headlines quite often, might have to deal with these rumors, which ignite rifts and mention of the word ‘cheating’.

Lately, TikTok has not been the platform for Hailey as it is filled with hate and endless baseless rumors.

 What is happening on TikTok about Justin Bieber cheating?

The user IDs of two fellow TikTokers, @arielareeder and @thekylemarisa, combined with a fellow TikToker purport to show a cheating incident involving the two celebrities.

It’s been claimed that Justin wanted to have an extramarital Affair with the TikTok celebrity. According to reports, Justin contacted Poarch to promote his music, saying that he wanted to collaborate to increase the platform’s relevance for his music.

The project reportedly came to a standstill when the two met because Poarch reportedly felt “uncomfortable” knowing that Justin was married and turned down the opportunity to collaborate.

This is addressed in the TikTok video, where she allegedly “discovered the real agenda” for the collaboration after that.

Which doesn’t show any evidence of proof or the intention of Date-night-at-sza-concert-amidst-split-up-rumours-1213841″>Justin Bieber to cheat on Hailey. Though the couple have not spoken on this, the audience would definitely like to know what the fuss is about and whether it is true enough to even believe this baseless opinion of others.

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