All month, Tori Roloff has shared her family’s Easter celebrations. Even when they have drawn attention to the Couple’s apparent marital issues.

Though Tori has some regrets about this Easter, it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to share.

One adorable family photo brought on some shade. Specifically, a fan was roasting (while pretending to praise) Zach.

Guess who’s cheering on the shady commenter? Tori herself!

Zach and Tori Roloff shared this lovely family photo in honor of the Easter holiday in 2023.

Tori Roloff shared this family portrait for the Easter holiday in 2023. She included a Christian caption discussing the religious significance of the day’s celebration.

In the pic, Tori and Zach appear alongside 5-year-old Jackson (he is almost 6!), 3-year-old Lilah, and not-quite-one-year-old Josiah (he turns 1 later this month!).

For most of us, this is a sweet but ultimately unremarkable family photo. However, one snarky commenter saw something else.

Taking to social media, Tori Roloff posed with her kids, Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff. It looks like they had fun at an Easter event. But isn’t someone missing? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Oh my god,” a commenter wrote. “Zach has a different pair of shoes on rather than those Adidas shoes.”

Those of us who would never notice a pair of shoes in our lives, let alone recognize a shoe brand, might wonder what this commenter meant.

However, Tori knew exactly what they meant. And she commented to make that clear.

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff brought their children to experience some Disney magic in early 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Thank you for noticing!!!” Tori replied to the shady comment.

She also used a series of clapping hands emojis.

It sounds like she was applauding Zach for wearing a different pair of shoes. In context, she could also have been cheering for the commenter’s sentiment.

Taking to social media, Tori Roloff admitted that she has one regret about her family’s Easter celebration. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Sometimes, people find a particular outfit very comfortable. Most — who aren’t on reality television — don’t give it a second thought. Most of the time, it’s weird to comment on it if someone, say, always wears a particular type of legging, or always goes sleeveless. That’s that person’s business.

It sounds like some fans have noticed that Zach wears one pair of shoes for all occasions. Again, that’s pretty normal, but it does stand out in the world of reality television.

Clearly, Tori also noticed. Perhaps this is something that she and Zach have discussed. We don’t know whether she was writing to encourage Zach or to shade him vicariously through the commenter … honestly? It could be both.

Tori and Zach look concerned and downtrodden in this confessional scene from Little People, Big World.

Late last year, Little People, Big World viewers got a glimpse into some of Tori and Zach’s marital struggles.

Tori admitted that her responsibilities as a mother had left her feeling exhausted. She felt underappreciated (that part’s on Zach) and worn down.

Even this year, on social media, Tori expressed similar feelings of exhaustion. Carrying her whole family on her shoulders is not easy — no matter their heights.

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