There are days until Tobias Arbo drops his debut EP, “Powerlines”, and he’s fully invested in promotion as he drops his new single, “Carousel”, as a taster of what’s to come. Drifty acoustic guitars fill this heartfelt single, which has been dropped alongside an engaging music video showing the ups and downs of a Relationship. This follows Tobias Arbo’s sophomore single “Within” and debut single “Saudade”.

Tobias Arbo, real name Tobias Ekelund, is a Swedish singer-songwriter who grew up on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. In doing so, it has shaped his music, making him a unique and interesting artist, the solitary environment certainly gives way to the drift-like atmospheric sound that can be heard in the singles he has released, to Date. Having only dropped his debut single, “Saudade”, in November 2022, Tobias Arbo has already made quite the impact, gaining tens of thousands of Spotify streams, with the debut track becoming his most-streams single to date, whilst his sophomore single, “Within”, has also been gaining traction. It’s clear that his upcoming debut EP, “Powerlines”, is going to make an impression in the indie-pop industry. His clear artistic sound certainly makes him a rising star, and someone we all need to have on our radars.

The release of his new single, “Carousel”, just shows an awesome taster for what we can expect from Tobias Arbo’s upcoming debut EP, “Powerlines”, which is set to drop on 31 March 2023. The EP was produced by Tobias Arbo, himself, alongside Linus Hasselberg and Hannes Hasselberg, whilst he recruited Zach Hanson to mix the project – he has worked with the likes of Bon Iver, Waxahatchee, Owen, and Sylvan Esso. As for the artwork, for the project, Tobias Arbo asked his friend, Olof Grind, to take control of the photography and the artwork itself – they have recently worked with Phoebe Bridges and First Aid Kit.

Talking about his upcoming debut EP, Tobias Arbo said: “The EP is a contemplation on the self and its different parts, voices, and moods. It’s about listening to the noise of these voices’ endless dialogue and trying to connect with the many parts of oneself that want to be heard. For example, facing the inner child, whose early experiences shape us so much more than we tend to believe, or struggling with the inner critic, who raises self-doubt and prevents us from getting where we want to go.”

Watch the music video to “Carousel” by Tobias Arbo here:

Written by Tobias Arbo, whilst it has been produced by Hannes Hasselberg, Linus Hasselberg, and the artist, himself, “Carousel” is a gentle acoustic guitar track with a beautiful subtle vocal from this talented artist who delves in deep, lyrically. The vibe of the track is progressive thoughts as the lyrics flow in and out as he considers how he is in a relationship, both being the best person he can be for his other half while also having self-love and understanding how that all wraps up and around the situation that he’s in. It’s a strong, heartfelt visionary of thoughts, that works effortlessly with this drifty guitar. Atmospheric and meaningful, “Carousel” is set to make a memorable impression on all who hear it, and we imagine it’ll be added to a variety of playlists.

The accompanying music video highly relates to the song itself, as we watch a Couple’s relationship, from the ups to the downs while being intercut with plenty of scenes of their loving side. Their connection is beyond strong as they showcase their love for each other and it’s the type of love where nothing else matters, in the world, more than each other. We’ve all been in such Relationships, and seeing it right there totally connects them to the viewers. On top of that, we also watch them perform a contemporary dance routine that just adds to the loving atmospheric vibe.

Stream the new single on Spotify here:

“Carousel”, by Tobias Arbo, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via CRC Records. His debut EP, “Powerlines”, is set to be released in the coming days, on 31 March 2023.

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