FANS of Tipping Point were forced to switch off after they spotted something unusual about the contestants.

During today’s episode, host Ben Shephard welcomed four new hopefuls to take on the mighty drop zones and see if they could walk away with some cash.

Viewers switch off after ancient episode is aired


Viewers switch off after ancient episode is airedCredit: ITV

Fans were quick to point out that Tipping Point episode was a repeat.

This is because the show had four contestants instead of it’s usual three.

And the older version of the ITV quiz show originally had four contestants.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Seems #TippingPoint is back to really old episode repeats then, seeing as this one today is with 4 contestants.”

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Another wrote: “These episodes are old, I reckon the mystery prize is a steam boat ride.”

A third penned: “Blimey how old is this episode? #tippingpoint.”

A fourth fumed: “Another repeat episode with four people! What’s the point. Switching off.”

This comes after a recent mystery prize on Tipping Point divided fans.

Friday’s episode unveiled one of the show’s mystery prizes just minutes into the show.

One of the show’s mystery counters was teetering on the edge of the drop zone and Sandy was successful in managing to get the counter over the edge securing himself a prize as well as £150 in counters.

However, viewers watching along at home were left less than impressed at the special prize which was a set of DJ decks.

Whilst reaction was mostly negative online, the unique prize went down a treat in the studio as Ben quipped he would be “DJ Sandy”.

Sandy smiled as he replied: “Ooh, I love that!”

But on Twitter, one viewer claimed had they have won the prize the item would be “straight on eBay”.

The viewer said: “S*** mystery prize going straight on eBay klaxon!”

As a second agreed, adding: “Straight on to eBay mystery prize.”

Another said: “Totally s*** and useless prize klaxon.”

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Whilst a fourth fumed: “Rubbish mystery prize.”

Sadly for Sandy, the mystery prize was about all he was walking away with from today’s show as he found himself booted off first for failing to keep up with his fellow knowledgeable players.

Sandy bagged himself a DJ set


Sandy bagged himself a DJ setCredit: ITV

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