The upcoming episodes of American soap opera The Young and the Restless have some equation changes, past reminiscing, drama, and threats in store for the audience. Fans of the long-running CBS series better not miss this exciting episode. Read on to find out the spoilers as well as highlights for the 4 April 2023 episode of The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Highlights

Nick, played by Joshua Morrow, is Dating Sally, played by Courtney Hope, and he seems to be okay with the fact that she is carrying the child of his brother, Adam, played by Mark Grossman. But when Phyllis, played by Michelle Stafford, had her crisis, Nick had to leave Sally with Adam to help Summer, played by Allison Lanier. Sharon helps Phyllis before the doctors arrive and mildly flirts with Chance, played by Conner Floyd.

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But she makes it clear that her life is full without a partner. Meanwhile, with the supposed death of Phyllis, Nick and Sharon revisit and discuss their past. Daniel, played by Michael Graziadei, thought coming back to Genoa City will help get his life back on track. Instead, he found out about how his mother, Phyllis behaved at the Gala, and rumouredly, married a criminal aka Jeremy Stark, played by James Hyde.

With everyone presuming that Phyllis is dead, Daniel threatens Jeremy. What will happen between the two? Will it change anything, or will it just make an already bad situation even worse? On the other hand, Devon, played by Bryton James, realizes that his penthouse should become home to Dominic and Abby, played by Melissa Ordway.

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He feels it is pretty evident that the two are in a Relationship even though they haven’t really defined it or confirmed what their exact status is. Now that Devon has put his thoughts out there in the open, Devon and Abby’s relationship will be taking an unexpected turn. What will her reaction be? Will it completely ruin their equation? Continue watching the show to find out and stay tuned for more highlights and spoilers. The Young and the Restless airs on CBS on weekdays.


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