Everyone’s got a Jules in their life. Aisha Tyler stars as Jules in Apple TV+’s new series The Last Thing He Told Me, based on Laura Dave’s bestselling novel. Jules is Hannah’s no-nonsense best friend from childhood who is a major support when Hannah’s husband disappears.

Aisha Tyler
Aisha Tyler and Jennifer Garner as Jules and Hannah. (Apple TV+)

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Aisha about the series, and she revealed that there will be “more Jules in the series than there was in the book.” The show will explore “more of that robust Relationship” between Jules and Hannah.

She added, “Jules loves Hannah in the way that a friend loves someone they’ve known their whole life. They’ve gone through a lot, and we do get to see that in the series. We get to see where they came from and why they’re so close and why their bond is so special. Even as the show ends, and I’m not giving any spoilers, I think you just see they are family. That shorthand and that relationship is really a big part of what helps Hannah keep going and helps her figure out what’s happened with Owen.”

Hannah is played by Jennifer Garner. Aisha revealed that Jules is brutally honest with Hannah because of how long they’ve known each other. “I think that Jules right away is like, ‘Listen, I could make you feel better but that’s not going to help you. I need to tell you the truth. I need to tell you what’s really going on here. It doesn’t look good for Owen, and it doesn’t look good for you.’”

She continued, “We all need that kind of friend in our lives who is not going to beat around the bush…Jules is really like a rock and a force for forward motion. She’s like, ‘We’re going to figure this out together because at this point we’re family, and I’m going to care for you in the way that a family member would, which is not to blow smoke up your bum.’”

Aisha Tyler
Aisha Tyler in ‘The Last Thing He Told Me.’ (Apple TV+)

Aisha recently reprised her role as Dr. Tara Lewis in the Criminal Minds revival. The actress admitted that the roles of Tara and Jules are “very intense but for very different reasons and in very different ways.” Aisha said that Jules is a “completely different person” than Tara. “She’s a journalist. She’s a bit more ebullient and sharp, but she’s still a badass, super accomplished, and a really, really fun character to play. It’s always nice to step into another character’s shoes. It kind of changes your framework,” she added. New episodes of The Last Thing He Told Me drop Fridays on Apple TV+.


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