Gwyneth Paltrow’s legal battle may not be over yet!

As you know, Terry Sanderson sued the 50-year-old actress in 2019, accusing her of crashing into him while on the slopes at Deer Valley Resort in Utah back in 2016. He claimed he suffered a concussion and broken ribs from the collision. And on Thursday, the 76-year-old ended up losing the civil lawsuit and awarded Gwyneth $1 in damages – the amount she requested in her countersuit. When asked if the lawsuit was worth it following the trial, Terry expressed:

“Knowing that [verdict] now, no. I joked about Dating sites, right? It’s like, I’m gonna be on the internet forever.”

As for whether he felt Gwyneth’s celebrity status influenced the case, he said:

“You get some assumed credibility from being a famous person. Who wants to take on a celebrity? No wonder I hesitated. It’s difficult. Who wants to do that someone who learns lines, learns how to play someone else’s part and be believable, be credible, wins awards? Who wants to go on that path. I believe she thinks she has the truth … but I absolutely know I said I would not bring any falsehoods.”

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But not so fast! While Sanderson might regret suing Gwyneth after the loss, that does not mean he or his legal deal is backing down now! His attorney, Robert Sykes, told TMZ on Saturday that they’re considering filing a motion for a new trial or even a possible appeal! He said:

“We sincerely disagree with the outcome and will consider all options moving forward …. including a motion to the court for a new trial or a possible appeal. All of those things are on the table.”

Sykes explained to the outlet that he feels there were several errors made in the case that potentially could help bring about an appeal. One moment the lawyer took issue with was that the judge allowed Gwyneth’s legal team to look into Terry’s past – which he insisted was “totally unrelated” to the collision. However, Sykes noted the problem is that the doctor’s lawyers were not allowed to also dig into the Glee alum’s past. Hmm…

At this time, Terry’s attorneys have not made any moves to file for a new trial or appeal as they are taking their time to weigh the options before making a final decision. But there is a chance we could be seeing Gwyneth and Terry go head-to-head again.

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