The drama between the Giudices and Gorgas will no longer be a storyline on RHONJ if Teresa Giudice has her way.

The RHONJ OG reveals that she has “closed” the chapter on trying to reconcile with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga.

Teresa recently appeared on the Up and Adam Live podcast, where she shut down the option of going to family therapy with her brother and sister-in-law.

“Would ever consider family therapy?” host Adam Newell asked.

The Bravoleb replied, “No. No, absolutely not. Like me and my brother, that chapter’s closed.”

She then elaborated, noting that she is “focusing” on her family and “healing.”

“I’m focusing on, um, you know, my family and what’s important. I need time to heal. I’ve been going through this over 10 years. Unfortunately,” she explains.

The 50-year-old continues, “It’s very, very sad that this had a play out on national TV. It’s really is very sad, very disgusting, very toxic. So, I need time to focus on my family and heal.”

Meanwhile, it seems that a large chunk of RHONJ fans want the Gorgas gone from RHONJ.

Right after Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ, the hashtags #firethegorgas and #firemelissagorga started trending on Twitter and Instagram.

Bravo fans bombarded social media with requests for Bravo to fire Joe and Melissa.

“Melissa has had no storyline but Teresa for 10 years. No other HW is allowed to coast like this. She brings nothing to the show. #firethegorgas,” one fan wrote.

“They’re so toxic. Sick and tired of them faking the family feud, it’s boring. #firethegorgas,” a second fan shared.

“Fire the Gorgas. We are sick and tired of the same storyline year after year,” a third fan echoed.

Another fan commented, “#firethegorgas they must go for real. It’s stale.”

See what else fans had to say below!

While some fans may want the Gorgas gone, the same can’t be said for Jennifer Aydin, who recently revealed that she isn’t interested in seeing Joe and Melissa fired despite their rocky Relationship.

According to Jennifer, she never wishes to see any Housewife fired from the show and instead leaves the firing and hiring up to Bravo.

“No, I don’t ever want to see anyone be fired from their job. I’m not the boss. I don’t make the rules. On if they want them not back or not back, whatever Bravo wants, Bravo gets,” Jennifer tells The U.S. Sun.

“I’m a very good employee and I will work with all of my co-workers, please know that! Nobody get fired! But I trust Bravo knows what they’re doing,” she adds.

As for whether or not she believes Teresa and Louie can reconcile with the Gorgas amid their current feud, Jennifer says can’t predict that but thinks everyone involved needs space and time away from each other.

“I think right now it’s too premature to assume anything. I think we just need to give everybody some time,” she admits.

“Teresa is just trying to concentrate on her life. She’s a newlywed. She has this new beautiful blended family. She’s really trying to concentrate on keeping the peace,” she continues.

When it comes to the upcoming season 13 reunion, Jennifer says “I don’t know how it’s going to go between them. All I could say is what I will try to do, which is just work through my issues with some of my cast members. At the end of the day, the show is about friendships, making new friendships and trying to resolve whatever conflict we have with each other. Hopefully we can get to that at the reunion.”

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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