Teresa Giudice is shutting down the rumor mill while also opening up about coming face-to-face with her brother, Joe Gorga, for the first time in nearly a year at the upcoming RHONJ reunion.

The RHONJ OG took to her podcast, Namaste B$tches, this week to address some rumors swirling about her husband, Louie Ruelas, and Dina Manzo‘s husband, Dave Cantin.

On a recent episode of RHONJ, Joe Gorga claimed that Relationship-with-dolores-catania/”>Dina and Teresa had a falling out over a business deal gone bad between Louie and Dave.

Now, Teresa explained where she and Louie stand with Dina and Dave at the moment. She then revealed the current status of her relationship with Danielle Staub while also defending the RHONJ villain.

Let’s dive in.

According to the mom of four, Dave and Louie “speak every single day.”

“Luis and Dave speak every single day. They’re so close. They’ve never once had a business dealing. Dave’s in cars, and Luis is in, um, marketing and advertising, so they do different things,” Teresa explained.

She continued, “Dave and Luis were never in business together, ever, ever, ever, that never happened. They’ve always just been best friends, really. There’s nothing there. And I think there was a story that came out on Page Six that clarified that which I was kinda happy.”

“I think Dave was even so annoyed that he was called David and not Dave,” Teresa added, referencing her brother’s story about Dina’s husband calling him on the phone.

Speaking of Joe, Teresa recently admitted to Page Six that seeing her brother and his wife Melissa Gorga at the upcoming RHONJ reunion will “definitely [be] weird.” The RHONJ season 13 reunion is set to film next week.

“It’s an uncomfortable situation, but, you know, it’s my job, so I will be fine,” she confessed.

Meanwhile, back on Teresa’s podcast, the RHONJ OG claimed that Danielle Staub is “misunderstood” before noting that she has always had a “soft spot” for the reality TV villain.

“Me and her always end up talking, and she was very nice. She’s so sweet, she’s like, she’s very misunderstood. I’ve always had fun with her going out, but you know she’s definitely misunderstood,” Teresa said of the April 12 episode of her podcast.

“She always said to me, ‘I know you don’t have a mean bone in your body.’ She’s like, ‘That’s why I always have a soft spot for you.’ She said that to me and vice versa. I know she’s not a malicious person. When I was alone with her, she would never gossip about anybody,” she explained.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm.

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