Tammy Slaton has lost hundreds of pounds over the last year or so and looks amazing.

This cannot be debated.

The 1000-lb Sisters star qualified a few months ago for gastric bypass surgery and subsequently left the rehab facility in Ohio that she had called home since early 2022.

Ever since, she has shared numerous photos of herself on Instagram, each one proving just how far Tammy has come in her weight loss journey.

The latest two examples have been posted above and below.

Slaton shared them on social media this week without providing a caption.

While Tammy undoubtedly looks amazing in these images, a number of observers took note of one prominent aspect featured in each picture and had to wonder whether something is physically wrong with the reality star.

“What’s wrong with her neck? Is it something medical or excess loose skin due to weight loss?” asked one social media user, for example.

“What is the lump on her throat? She’s doing so awesome wtg Tammy,” another inquired.

Other fans in the comments section of Tammy’s Instagram account then replied, providing some clarity on the situation:

“If you look at her before you will see what’s happened.. her next step will be excess skin removal.”

We’d have to assume the same thing. Gastric bypass surgery restricts the amount of food that your stomach can hold, but it also creates skin flaps such as the one you can clearly see here.

She’s new, and she seems to be improved! We’re loving how far Tammy Slaton has come in 2023.

Slaton’s TikTok page — which recently hinted at an impending divorce — has over 4.3 million Likes and 653,000 followers.

Most of them support her progress, too.

“Tammy, I was seriously one of your biggest critics. It’s been amazing seeing your consistency within your health journey,” wrote one enthusiastic fan.

Echoed another:

“Soon enough you’ll be approved for skin removal and just know we are all rooting for you! Proud of you!”

Wow, huh?!? Tammy Slaton lost so much weight during her many months spent in rehab!

Elsewhere, meanwhile, fans are also concerned about the state of Slaton’s marriage to Caleb Willingham, who remains in rehab in Ohio.

Tammy is sad her husband is not with her,” an insider told The Sun in March.

“She is frustrated Caleb has not made an effort to move to a facility in Kentucky from Ohio.

“They have been arguing because she feels he is not handling the transfer with urgency.”

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