Singer-songwriter Symone Royale recently released her vibrant, upbeat dance-pop track, “Loose,” a song about liberating yourself on the dance floor, allowing the music and emotion to swallow you up.

Symone explains, “‘Loose’ is about letting go and letting your hair down to dance like nobody’s watching. From the funky bassline to the catchy beat, it’s guaranteed to make you want to dance. There was a lot of sad music out during the time I wrote this song. I wanted to create something fun and playful that reflected all the good things that were happening in my life! So I packed my recording equipment and flew to Vegas to write new music and party.”

While growing up in Houston, Symone developed her love Affair with music in church, where she learned how to sing and play the piano. By the time she was sixteen years old, Symone was performing throughout the Houston Metro area, keeping her in the spotlight all through high school.

Immersed in music at home, Symone listened to a smorgasbord of genres but found herself especially attracted to the funky music of Parliament Funkadelic, Prince, and Chaka Khan. Later, she attended Berklee College of Music, receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Business Management.

Along with releasing an EP, Lovetrip, and a series of contagious singles, in 2020, Symone dropped her album, Goin’ Deep, featuring “Hands on Me” and “Facetime.”

Opening on a bewitching Latin-flavored rhythm, “Loose” flows into buoyant layers of deliciously bright and breezy harmonics. Symone’s spellbinding voice, lush and swanky, imbues the lyrics with happy-go-lucky savors, showcasing velvety nuances and alluring textures.

“He like the way I throw my hips / He like it when I like my lips / He like the way I wind my waist / Came closer to get a taste / I want to get loose / Loose Off this juice / Im finna get loose.”

Drenched in exotic tangs riding a magnetic syncopated rhythm, “Loose” highlights the crème de la crème voice of Symone Royale.

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