“Summer House” newcomer Chris Leoni emphasized that there’s more to him than what fans are seeing after his debut on the show received mixed reviews from viewers.

“I really have been involved a lot,” he told Page Six in a recent interview, justifying what some have deemed as a “weird” edit from producers.

“I got into a Couple of altercations — not physical altercations — but some arguments, I get it like that and not all of that’s going to make it.”

The new Bravolebrity even teased several moments that didn’t make it on the show, including him and resident party animal Kyle Cooke whooping it up all night.

“I was usually one of the last ones to go to bed, and I was just partying hard, whether it’d be me or Kyle,” he noted before joking that “old man” Cooke, 40, is “getting all lazy” and would be the first one of two to call “it a night.”

A screenshot of Chris Leoni on Zoom
“Summer House” newcomer Chris Leoni defended his place in the house after receiving mixed reactions from fans on social media.
Page Six
Leoni explained that fans may not have seen his ability to party just as hard as Kyle Cooke.

However, he noted that he understands “there’s only so much time you have on an episode to put the stuff out there,” but hopes fans will be able to see more of his personality as the season goes on.

“I swear that I’m not always 24/7 goofy, but I have a cheerful personality. I don’t take anything too serious coming from a very serious background,” he said, referring to previously serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

“I think I’ve learned to just switch that and try to enjoy as much as I can,” Leoni, 30, concluded.

Chris Leoni holding a bottle of wine
The new Bravolebrity explained how he tries to balance being both goofy and serious.
Chris Leoni talking on "Summer House"
Leoni hopes that as the season progresses, fans will get to see more of his personality shine through.

Leoni’s clarification comes amid “Summer House” fans wondering where the show’s direction will go as half of the cast focuses on making the most of their stay in the Hamptons and the other is drifting away from their partying days.

“I say it every week but it really is time for a recast of #SummerHouse,” one fan tweeted.

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“I think the key issue with summer house right now is the lack of authentic friendships, cast members we are invested in, and an overall young crowd having fun in the hamptons! They need to recast this show from the ground up #SummerHouse,” someone else wrote.

A selfie of the "Summer House" cast
Several fans have expressed their concern for the future of the hit Bravo show.

“I think Summer House is getting to the point where they just need to recast everyone with younger 20-somethings like how the first couple of seasons were,” another user added.

However, Leoni called the mixed reactions “tricky,” because in order for people to see the true dynamic of the cast, they need to see the members with their partners — such as Paige DeSorbo and her boyfriend and “Southern Charm” star, Craig Conover, who isn’t featured in every episode of “Summer House.”

In the meantime, Leoni is excited to celebrate the premiere of Latinos in the Arts, created alongside Jonathan Villanueva, on Thursday.

Chris Leoni holding a camera
Leoni has been keeping busy by creating three films.
Chris Leoni behind a camera
He hopes the films will “help build a stronger and better Latino community here in New York.”

“Latino in the Arts is a combination of three films that we’ve been working on over the last three years,” he explained. “We are producing, directing and acting in these films and they’re all Latino-based films.

“We’re inviting a bunch of friends, a bunch of the Spanish communities to show up and support and to connect and network amongst ourselves to help build a stronger and better Latino community here in New York.”

“Summer House” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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