Sophia Bush Was Once Called A ‘TV Prostitute’ And ‘Piece Of Meat’ By Rude Fan

By Emerson Pearson.

Sophia Bush recently shared her experiences being on the receiving end of hateful comments from a fan.

While on Penn Badgley’s “Podcrushed” podcast, the “One Tree Hill” alum revealed a shocking encounter with a fan who began hurling vicious insults, including the phrase “TV prostitute”, at her when she called him out for recording her without her consent.

“I had a beer and there was a guy at the table next to me and all my friends, who walked right up to me and stuck his camera right in my face to take a picture, almost hit me right in the face, with his phone,” Bush recalled. “He keeps going and he’s getting rowdy and I can hear him swearing.”

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Bush details, “I say, ‘Hi, I’m a person. I’d like to shake your hand. My name is Sophia. You’re making me really uncomfortable, man. I’ve asked you to stop. I’m a girl in a bar. You are a man I do not know. I don’t wanna be videoed on your phone. And my friends don’t either. Can you please stop?’”

Bush alleged that the fan began getting aggressive and said, “I don’t have to stop. You’re in public.”

The fan began further berating the actress.

“And he goes, ‘I watch your show, so I pay your f***ing salary. You are a piece of meat to me.’ And I just went, ‘What?’ [He goes], ‘You’re just a TV prostitute,’” Bush retells. “One of the guys on our crew flipped out and it started to get physical between them.”

Bush described the confrontation as “insane” and listed it as one of the many reasons she no longer enjoys being in public.

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