Seth Rogen is opening up about his role as Donkey Kong in the upcoming, The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The 40-year-old actor got candid about the possibility of a spinoff all about Donkey Kong and just what he says about all the critics over his voice as the video game villain.

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Speaking to ComicBook.com, Seth said he was very upfront about his voice acting talents ahead of being cast.

“I was very clear, I don’t do voices. And if you want me to be in this movie, it’s gonna sound like me and that’s it,” he explained. “That was the beginning and end of that conversation.”

Seth went on, “I was like, ‘If you want Donkey Kong to sound a lot like me, I’m your guy.’ But it did seem to work, you know, I think in the film and in the game I think all you really know about Donkey Kong is that he throws barrels and he does not like Mario very much.”

“That’s honestly kind of what I ran with was this idea that he hates Mario, that they are kind have like an adversarial Relationship, that he’s annoyed by him, that he doesn’t want to be stuck with him, that he wishes he was on this adventure without him,” he added. “To me that was, that was funny, and that was kind of the root of the character, and it was kind of born of the mythology of the games.”

As far as a Donkey Kong sequel, Seth isn’t opposed to it.

“There’s a lot of opportunity there,” he told Collider in separate interview. “I think the family unit of the Kongs seems to be — and if the Fast and Furious films have taught us anything it’s that it’s all about family.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie arrives in theaters on April 5. Check out pics from the premiere here!


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