Britney Spears and her now husband, Sam Asghari, got hitched in June 2022. The wedding took place in the famous singer’s California home. Fans are worried that a divorce is on the way because both of them were Couple-spotted-without-wedding-rings-1214918″>spotted with no wedding rings recently.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari split rumors

Britney Spear’s fans are wondering about the well-being of the marriage. Britney was spotted having a good time on a vacation in Mexico. What worried the fans was that the singer was spotted to have ditched her wedding ring, and her husband, Sam Asghari, did not accompany her on vacation. 

Britney arrived from the LAX airport on Tuesday and was again spotted without the ring. What added fuel to the fire was that Sam was also spotted without his wedding band. These incidents have led the fans to believe that Britney Spears and Sam Asaghri are splitting. 

Britney Spears on vacation with manager Cade Hudson :

Sam Asaghari breaks the silence

The actor’s representative assured people that Britney and Sam’s marriage is intact. He also added that Sam was only seen without a ring because he was filming a new project. It was also mentioned that the actor could not join Britney on vacation because he was busy with work. On the other hand, Britney’s representatives have not given an official statement on the matter. 

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Sam’s representative then pointed out that the actor was clearly seen weathering his ring on a story he posted to Instagram, where he was on a flight and flaunted his ring in a selfie. 

Fans call Britney Spear’s husband Sam Asaghari controlling

Back in December 2022, there were rumors about Sam being controlling towards Britney. The actor was quick to shut down the rumor by jokingly saying, “No, I don’t even control what we have for dinner.”

All of her fan’s concerts are valid, taking into account the 13-year conservatorship Britney went through. She constantly stated how her father was too controlling.

He also mentioned he understood how the fans felt protective towards Britney, and they were just good fans for doing that. 

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