By Melissa Romualdi.

The royals have chosen a location close to home as their rehearsal space for King Charles’ coronation on May 6.

People has learned that the family’s been practicing for the big day at Buckingham Palace’ ballroom, a large space that mimics the top end of Westminster Abbey, just beneath the High Altar, where the historic ceremony will be taking place.

Ultimately, the ballroom- where state banquets and investitures of people receiving knighthoods and other honours usually occur- will help participants get an accurate sense of the Abbey’s layout and allows the royals, their staff and clergy members to practice in private.

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Additionally, nothing intricate has been built for the ceremony, which is expected to be less extravagant compared to Queen Elizabeth’s; however, the royals have tried to encapsulate what it will be like in Westminster Abbey’s “Coronation Theatre,” as per People. 

On the other hand, for the last coronation, when Queen Elizabeth was crowned back in 1953, wooden steps were carefully crafted on top of the Cosmati pavement in the sacrarium at the Abbey. They led up to a lifted platform where the throne was stationed. For Charles’ coronation, something similar is expected to be in place.

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Back when the then-25-year-old Queen Elizabeth was preparing for her coronation day, she and her attendants participated in roughly a dozen rehearsals at the Abbey, which “had to be closed for some time,” a palace source told People. Meanwhile, today’s rehearsal space allows the Abbey to “keep their doors open to tourists and the revenue that comes from that,” another palace insider shared.

Furthermore, Charles’ coronation guest list is a far stretch from Queen Elizabeth’s. Roughly 2000 guests are expected to attend his big day, from world leaders, including the president of Poland who’s attendance was confirmed by Prince William last week on his trip to Poland, to religious leaders and guests affiliated with causes close to Charles’ heart, as opposed to the 8000 plus people who attended Elizabeth’s.

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Her Majesty’s guests “were seated into seating reaching 11 tiers high,” said Dr. Bob Morris, from the constitutional unit at University College London. “That isn’t the case this time.”

This time around, “a lot of the [Lords] and people are going to have to ballot for the seats, so there’ll be a lot of disappointed people,” Lady Glenconner revealed, via People.

“It’s going to be more inclusive, with many more religions playing a part,” she added.

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