Rising star Maisi drops pop earworm ‘Over & Over Again’

Rising star Maisi has dropped latest single ‘Over & Over Again’, a catchy synth flick that follows a breakthrough 2022.

For fans of Caity Baser, Rebecca Black and PinkPantheress, Maisi has made a name for herself with breezy pop tracks including ‘123’ and ‘Quick Fixes’ – she cites Baby Queen, Charli XCX and Lily Allen as her big influences in the studio.

With over 140,000 TikTok followers and love from BBC Radio 1, the singer is turning all the right heads with her trademark sound that is at its best yet on ‘Over & Over Again’.

On the track, Maisi finds solace in her attempts to pull herself together and the release lands with an accompanying music video.

Maisi and chums (including ‘soft spot’ star piri) take to the streets of London with the track for a head-spinning day out in three minutes.

An earworm of a track that sounds perfectly written for the TikTok algorithm, Maisi has shared her love for the app before.

Speaking to Power Radio she said: “I love how you can do anything on it. On Instagram there’s so much thought into each post but on TikTok you can put any random thoughts out and interact with so many people.

“For discovering music, the way that trends happen is great for new music.”

Maisi also opened up about her journey into the music world. She said: “As long as I can remember I loved music. The first time I realised it was something more than just a like was when I was bought Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You.

“My parents bought me that for my eighth birthday and had no idea of the content of the album as it’s obviously something a kid shouldn’t be listening to!

“I thought it was so cool and that was the album that made me realise music was what I loved. When I turned 11 or 12 I got on my mum’s computer and used Garage Band and had a go at making songs and it went from there.”

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