By Emerson Pearson.

Rihanna has her hands full.

The pop superstar attempted to get a workout while keeping a watchful eye over her infant. However, multi-tasking proved to be a challenge.

The 10-month-old, whose name Rihanna has chosen not to disclose to the public, is being held in his mom’s arms in a new video uploaded to the Barbados-born singer’s Instagram account on Saturday.

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The boy squirms and smiles in Rihanna’s arms as she holds him lovingly; she distracts him and tries to keep him calm with a child-friendly TV show. The baby looks adorable as he flashes a cute smile, clearly entertained by the show on TV.

The video also showcases the pop phenomenon’s growing belly, as she’s carrying her second baby with rap star A$AP Rocky. It’s difficult to tell how far the superstar is in her pregnancy. However, she has no qualms about showing off her belly, as she did at the Super Bowl and the Oscars red carpet.

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