It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the end of Season 3 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. The Thailand trip was winding down and somehow, the group of Real Housewives vets made it feel like a month-long vacation rather than just a week. Some of the ladies, like poor Leah McSweeney, were more than ready to go home and never sign up for a Housewives’ show again. Pepsi, the ladies’ Thai concierge, was probably ready for his own vacation.

The latest episode took place after Gizelle Bryant verbally tore up the villa and made Pepsi cry because she couldn’t find “her” bottle of tequila. Thankfully, a trip to the temple and a “tantric” dinner helped the ladies turn a more peaceful leaf (sort of). Here are five of the main takeaways from the most recent RHUGT episode, “Tantric Tantrums.”

Pepsi Turns The Trip Around

The episode kicked off with an exhausted Pepsi who was about ready to kick the ladies out of his villa. Ahead of Marysol Patton’s cockie-making dinner, Pepsi sat the ladies down to tell them that their behavior is unacceptable. “I’m not happy,” Pepsi said, crying. He basically explained his whiplash trying to follow the ladies’ dynamics — they go from screaming at each other one minute to hugging the next.

Leah explained to Pepsi that when she fainted, all she wanted was to hold Pepsi’s hand. It’s a cute sentiment but I’m starting to think that Pepsi was a little more of a host than the head of the resort. He had a lot of emotions invested in the group. Gizelle and Porsha Williams ultimately thought Pepsi just couldn’t handle taking care of a group of bombastic Housewives. “We need a Coke or a Sprite,” Gizelle joked. Girl, you were the Relationship-with-demon-gizelle-bryant-after-real-housewives-ultimate-girls-trip/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>one taking shots with the man one second and making him fear for his job the next. No wonder he was such an emotional wreck.

Porsha Needs An Attitude Adjustment

Porsha clearly loved being the veteran star on the RHUGT trip, but by this episode, it started to be too much. It started with Pepsi. I know that viewers aren’t privy to every interaction that went down in the house. However, every time we saw Porsha ask Pepsi for a favor, like going on a KFC run, we never heard her say, “Thank you.” Which just rubs me the wrong way.

Then, Porsha and Leah got into a fight about the Instagram tagging gate. Porsha kept making comments about Leah just wanting an “I was there moment” by beefing with a star like Porsha. It was as much of a reach as it sounds. Porsha just kept telling Leah that despite her not doing anything wrong, she doesn’t like her. It was hard to watch because it actually felt like Leah wanted to have a dialogue with her, but Porsha just kept shutting her down with, “Bye Leah!” Porsha was so obsessed with Leah’s bad attitude affecting the group, but this kind of behavior has a pretty similar effect.

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Heather Finally Stops Flip-Flopping

At the same dinner, Heather Gay finally put her big girl pants on and confronted Gizelle. Last week, Gizelle told Heather she didn’t trust her at all and accused her of stealing the tequila, which upset Heather. Heather opted for talking smack behind Gizelle’s back rather than confronting her, but she finally said her peace during the episode. She went as far as to tell Gizelle that she almost flipped the table in her face, so she didn’t leave any part out.

Heather got Gizelle to agree to a reset on their friendship since it started off on the wrong foot. Candiace Bassett praised Heather for finally having her “balls drop” by standing up to Gizelle. Whitney Rose was so happy to see some genuine behavior from her cousin that the two have a beautiful hugging moment. The two snowflakes apologize and proceed to jump into the pool while wearing their expensive microphone packs. All is right with the world.

No Seriously, Poor Leah

The following day the group prepared to visit a Buddhist temple on an excursion hosted by Leah. While all of the ladies got ready to go, Leah randomly started to get violently ill. Remember that it was just a day after she fainted in a store, and now she couldn’t walk a few steps without throwing up. She ultimately couldn’t go to the temple, which is just one bummer. The second was that aside from Pepsi and Candiace, the ladies didn’t seem to really care that Leah was sick. Poor Leah just got even more real.

Leah ended up going to the Thai emergency room to try to figure out what was wrong. Again, the ladies didn’t care. Marysol didn’t even remember that Leah wasn’t in attendance at the temple event. Leah can definitely be a stick in the mud, but it was hard to watch an entire group of women act so apathetic about one of their friends who was seriously sick. They should all be glad that the roles weren’t reversed

The final event of the episode was a classic Whitney Rose healing journey. She hosted a tantric dinner that was so sexual it was awkward, which is kind of Whitney’s personality. The ladies also got a pole dancing class from some Thai dancers that provided some good entertainment. While Whitney was dropping into the splits from the pole in a dress, Gizelle was spinning around the pole and screaming like she was on a horrifying carousel ride.

The dinner provided Whitney with an opportunity to talk about Justin Rose losing his job because of her reality TV job. Whitney felt vindicated because she made more money that year in her career than Justin did previously. Good for her, but that doesn’t mean we all want to hear about how Justin is good at using his nose in bed. The entire dinner was a quintessential Whitney cringe fest and I was sort of living for it all.


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