Not everyone is happy about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision for the Duchess of Sussex to turn down King Charles’ invitation to his upcoming coronation!

By now you know the 38-year-old prince will be attending the historic event in London next month – without Meghan. Instead of heading across the pond, the 41-year-old former actress will be staying behind in California with their two children, Prince Archie — who is turning four on the day of the coronation — and Princess Lilibet. The Couple reportedly came to the decision “together as a family,” after determining that it would be “inauthentic” if Meghan attended due to her rocky Relationship with the royal family. As an insider told Page Six:

“They had to make a decision that felt genuine and authentic, especially after everything that has been said and all the things that have gone down. They care about their family, so Meghan is going to stay [in California] and Harry is going to support his dad.”

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Plus, another source mentioned to the outlet that “there was no way that Meghan was going to miss her son’s birthday.” Fair enough! While some members of the royal family (*Cough cough Prince William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton) are feeling relieved that the Suits alum won’t be present for the big day, British television presenter and Meghan’s ex-bestie Lizzie Cundy feel she and Harry are being “utterly selfish.” She told the Daily Mirror on Thursday:

“I think Meghan is not coming to the coronation because she knows she’s going to get booed but she’s putting her own feelings and worries about being booed before her children.”

The main reason Lizzie is angered over Harry and Meghan’s coronation plans? She hates the idea that their two kids will not be there for such an important moment, explaining:

“I think the two of them are utterly selfish. I think it’s a travesty that Lilibet and Archie are not going to be at their grandfather’s coronation. What will Harry and Meghan say to them when they’re older? When they say ‘Why weren’t we there at the most historical moment in British history? Why weren’t we on that balcony?’”

Considering the royal family possibly won’t have Prince Louis at the ceremony since he’s so young, we doubt they would have let Meghan and Harry bring their 1-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son to a hectic event like this, so they’d be missing out on this momentous occasion anyway. Just saying! Lizzie continued:

“What will Meghan answer? ‘I knew I was going to get booed so I didn’t want to go.’ She’s putting herself before anyone and in fact, Harry by boasting about the Taliban has put his own family and the security threat at its highest form. Not only the royal family but the whole nation.”

Hmm. If anything it sounds like she’s trying to put her kids first and give her son a good birthday. But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you agree Meghan and Harry are being selfish? Sound OFF in the comments (below) with your thoughts on the matter!

[Image via Lizzie Cundy/Instagram, MEGA/WENN]

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