The coronation drama behind-the-scenes so far has reportedly centered on whether King Charles III will be able to carry his heavy robes through Westminster Abbey, but the real outstanding question has to do with his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William. Every public meeting between the brothers over the last three years, from the 2020 Commonwealth Day ceremony to the 2021 event where they dedicated a statue to their late mother Princess Diana, has become fodder for speculation about the pair’s awkward body language. How will they get through a day together just four months after Harry’s memoir Spare detailed the extent of the fault line between them? 

It might be time for everyone to sharpen their body-language interpretation skills again because it seems like the brothers are still on the outs. According to People, William and Harry still have not communicated after the release of the memoir. “Things are strained,” a palace insider told the magazine. Another insider added that Harry’s visit probably won’t change that. “I don’t think the coronation and a big conversation can be conflated,” the source said

That said, it seems like Harry has had a breakthrough in his Relationship with Charles. A friend who spoke to the magazine said that at first, Harry and Meghan Markle were hearing details about the coronation from other people in the king’s office. “They didn’t hear from Charles. Harry wanted to hear from his father directly—it’s always through somebody,” the friend said. Eventually, Harry did get in touch with his father and the two had “positive communications.”

When Harry visited the UK earlier this month for a court case, he did not see his father or William, who were both traveling. Ultimately, Harry might not stay in the UK long enough to have further conversations this time either. The coronation falls on the same day as Harry and Meghan’s son, Prince Archie, will celebrate his fourth birthday, and according to Harper’s Bazaar, the Date means that Harry will cut his trip for the coronation short, and will only attend the ceremony and not any of the weekend’s other events.

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