The hardest things one can suffer through are the emotions, grief, and sorrows that occur after losing someone very special. One can heal the physical injury by visiting doctors and taking meds. But internal pains are always hard. It not only saddens the individuals but doesn’t leave them stable enough to perform well in any aspect of life. Emotions that develop after the pain of losing something eventually become trauma, and it is important to overcome such trauma, or else it leads to physical illness. The feeling of emptiness and memories of people who are gone don’t allow people to look forward in life, and they eventually lose all their hopes and find no reason to stay happy. Only a few find a way to stay physically, spiritually, and emotionally strong. These strong people find hope to move forward and convert their sorrows into inspiration. One prominent example of such individuals comes from an author, Mary Khalil. She suffered from various trauma and incidents throughout her life, but she outnumbered each problem and moved ahead with her strong belief in God.

Mary is a loving and caring mother, responsible professional, author, and widow of her late husband, Imad, whose death became one of the most heart-wrenching incidents of her life. The first trauma that she suffered through was her Dad’s death, and then, Imad’s decease from this mortal world left Mary with feelings of emptiness. Imad was her second husband. Before him, she was married to Jamal Mohammad, but the marriage didn’t work out. The divorce damaged her emotionally, but she overcame such a situation with her strong faith in God. Mary believes that God never left her alone, which inspired her to move on and start a new beginning. She got married to Imad, and the Couple created wonderful moments and memories together.

After the death of Imad, Mary Khalil decided to keep his memories alive. So, she started writing a biography book on Imad’s life. $2000 Per Month is a biography book written by Maria Khalil based on true events and stories of Mary’s husband, Imad. This book can leave readers full of sentiments and tell them the true meaning of love and care. Marry has beautifully narrated the story of her husband, Imad Khalil, and she wishes to pay tribute to her late husband by launching his autobiography. The book depicts the story of how Imad led his life from the cradle to the grave. She has described his role as a loving husband, dearest lover, caring father, and successful businessman.

The author of $2000 Per Month, Mary Khalil, was born on December 3, 1962, in Harbour Breton, Newfoundland. She has been working for United Airlines for decades and is an ambitious woman. She is a mother of 4 children; Sarah, Andrew, Diana, and Yusef. Before Imad’s death, she had spent wonderful moments of joy, happiness, and love together. In order to keep her husband’s memory alive, she launched her book. She believes it was Imad’s love and memories that guided and inspired her to write this book. Mary chose to keep Imad’s memories alive instead of mourning and suffering from the trauma. She overcame all the sorrows and wrote this book to keep her love alive. She believes in the mantra, “we can’t change the past, and we don’t know if we will live tomorrow. Thank God for what you have.”


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