OMG WHAT?! What is happening??

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde started out their Relationship in a bit of controversy as the Date the filmmaker split from Jason Sudeikis was always a little fuzzy. But it obvi got WAY worse as it went, with the rumors surrounding their film Don’t Worry Darling quickly becoming the stuff of Hollywood legend.

The power Couple didn’t survive long after the movie’s rather inglorious release. We heard various explanations for the breakup, everything from the ol’ scheduling excuse to suggestions he learned from the press that she’d been lying to him about her divorce the whole time. Nothing concrete — all we knew for sure was that they were dunzo!

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Well, even that is in question now!

The exes were spotted leaving the same gym just moments apart from one another on Wednesday! They both were photographed outside Tracy Anderson‘s gym in Studio City, CA.

See the pics (below)!

Harry Styles at Tracy Anderson gym
Harry Styles at Tracy Anderson Gym
Olivia Wilde at Tracy Anderson gym
Olivia Wilde at Tracy Anderson Gym

That means Harry is back in El Lay after that whole Tokyo excursion — which included a makeout sesh with Emily Ratajkowski. And clearly he wasn’t trying very hard to avoid his ex while in town!

We mean, this is Hollywood, baby. There are HUNDREDS of gyms. Maybe not many as elite as Tracy’s, but still. You don’t just keep going to the same gym as your ex, not if you have options — and Harry and Olivia are RICH!

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So are they really on such good, friendly terms that they’re fine taking the risk of working out in the same room, or something else?? For most of us, this would be so awkward we can’t imagine! But hey, maybe they really were that amicable. Maybe they had one of those no-fault breakups you hear myths about. A source did claim they’re still “good friends” after the split, but we didn’t actually believe it! LOLz!

It’s also possible this is just as awkward for them as it would be for most folks — and they just didn’t expect it to happen to them! We mean, the odds are against running into one another, right? Maybe…

The other option is that they went to the gym together! This one seems the most far-fetched, for sure, but what if they quietly got back together?! Stranger things have happened, right?

What do YOU think is going on, Perezcious readers??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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