In a recent conversation on Queen Radio on AMP, Nicki Minaj announced the new Princess Diana Remix with Ice Spice. This has got social media users in a frenzy as they eagerly wait for the remix by their favorite rappers.   

During this same conversation, Nicki Minaj also talked about Ariana Grande as the former called the rapper her sister. Continue reading to know more details about this much awaited collaboration between the rappers.

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice collaboration                     

On Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj talks with a special guest which will stream on AMP. Minaj revealed that she will be collaborating with Ice Spice (or also known as Isis Naija Gaston) for the Princess Diana Remix. This new song will be released at midnight.

Nicki Minaj earlier had also teased about this collaboration as the rapper tweeted lyrics of Princess Diana Remix. Nicki wrote on Twitter, ‘Like GRAH, keep it a stack. B!tches is ass if we keepin it crakk’. Ice Spice is one of the most strongly upcoming rappers since last year as she rocked the charts with Munch (Feelin’ U) single. After this song went viral, Nicki Minaj also came with a song titled Bikini Bottom.

On Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj also said, ‘I will always love Ari, that’s my sister’.

Fans reaction

Fans were ecstatic with this new collaboration of Nicki Minaj and Dating-twitterati-reacts-to-rumour-with-viral-memes-1212494″>Ice Spice for Princess Diana Remix. One user tweeted, ‘NICKI MINAJ AND ICE SPICE ANNOUNCE PRINCESS DIANA REMIX, OUT AT MIDNIGHT’ while the other one wrote, ‘ICE SPICE X NICKI MINAJ IS REAL’.

On Thursday it was also reported that Nicki Minaj will be starring in an animated comic book series titled Lady Danger based on Alex de Campi’s work. 

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