Michael Che’s “SNL” April Fools’ Day Prank on Colin Jost

Michael Che pulled off an April Fools’ Day prank on Colin Jost that his “Weekend Update” co-host won’t soon forget. During Saturday’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which was hosted by Quinta Brunson, Che and Jost anchored what appeared to be a standard “Weekend Update” full of jokes about the recent indictment of former president Donald Trump. But unfortunately for Jost, none of his jokes seemed to land.

The longtime “SNL” star made cracks about an inevitable Stormy Daniels movie and the former president’s lawyer, which were greeted with polite giggles. Then Che told a Trump-themed joke and the crowd went wild. When Che tossed the segment back to Jost, his co-host was starting to look nervous when someone in the audience shouted, “You stink!” Poor Jost buried his head in his hands as Che revealed that he told the audience not to laugh at his friend’s jokes.

“I told them not to laugh at you for April Fools’,” Che confessed. A relieved Jost shared just how panicked he was becoming. “I was like, ‘am I not mic’d?'” he laughed. “And then I was like, ‘Oh, I just suck.'”

Che tried to continue on, but Jost was still reeling from his scare. “You’re evil,” he joked. When his co-host tossed the segment back to him again after the prank reveal, Jost couldn’t hold it together. “That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to me,” he said. “I’m covered in sweat.”

For his part, Che couldn’t help but laugh as the crowd tried to make his pal feel better with a big cheer. But Jost wasn’t having it. “Don’t you even dare try that now,” he told the audience.

Even if it did leave his co-host sweating, Che’s prank was ingenious — and it should inspire Jost to try to come up with something equally diabolical for Che in time for the show’s next April Fools’ Day episode.

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