Megan Thee Stallion filed a new motion Thursday against Carl Crawford and 1501 Certified Records.

Megan’s motion claims Carl is pocketing all the funds earned from her hits while she receives nothing in return, according to TMZ. The new filing also suggests that Crawford cannot handle the label’s finances.

Meg Files Another Motion Against Record Label and Label CEO Claiming Financial Incompetency

As previously reported, she is suing her label for royalties while requesting release from her contract. Reports about the new motion state Megan’s immediate concern is the company’s alleged lack of funds.

The Hot Girl Coach claims 1501’s primary account has less than $10,000. Meanwhile, the redacted motion claims the primary account has received millions.

The rapper believes that J Prince and Gee Roberson–both involved in running the label–are also pocketing the funds.

Her new motion seeks a court-appointed third party to manage 1501’s finances. Additionally, Megan claims 1501’s finances will be beyond depleted if/when she wins her pending lawsuit against the label.

Motion Comes Months After Meg Notched Small Legal Victory In Ongoing Contract Battle With 1501

In Dec. 2022, Megan landed a legal victory in the ongoing contract battle with her record label.

A Texas judge sided with the Houston rapper and rejected the label’s request to rule that her 2021 project Something For Thee Hotties doesn’t count as an official album under her recording contract.

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The judge ultimately denied the motion for a pre-trial ruling, allowing Megan’s $1 million lawsuit against the label to go to trial. If she wins, she will have fulfilled her contract with 1501. This means she would be granted her long-sought-after release from the label.

In September, the former professional baseball player and his label asked the court to forgo a trial and deem the project in question a non-album, thus leaving Meg’s contract unfulfilled.

The label argued that the 45-minute compilation, released by 300 Entertainment and 1501, didn’t count because it included previously-used material. Additionally, 1501 said the project “failed to follow the proper approval procedures” for an official album release. Released in October 2021, Something For The Hotties was promoted as a “thank you” gift to Megan’s fanbase.


Crawford Apologizes To Megan Thee Stallion, Says The Situation Between Them Is ‘Unfortunate’

In February, Crawford publicly apologized to Megan Thee Stallion over the years-long feud between the pair.

Crawford—accompanied by Kai “Verse” Tyler, the brand-new president of 1501—issued his apology during a recent interview with TMZ.

He started by noting that he and the Pressurelicious rapper haven’t spoken since 2019. That’s the year the drama initially broke out over Megan forming a connection with Roc Nation.

Crawford then acknowledged that their only communication has been through their online spats—which he called “unfortunate,” as he “never wanted to have a situation” play out on the internet.

Megan never publicly responded to the apology.

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