Marten Hørger and LittGloss team up for piano vocal house single “Sent from Above” featuring Loud Tiger


Dropping this awesome piano vocal house that is determined to get you moving is Marten Hørger with his new collaboration with LittGloss on the single “Sent from Above”, which also features Loud Tiger. This impressive team knows exactly what they’re doing as they do not hold back one bit on this unforgettable track. The release of this track follows Marten Hørger’s collaboration with David Guetta on the single “The Freaks”, LittGloss’ single “My City Never Sleeps”, and is also one of two Loud Tiger feature releases that have been dropped today, the other being the Nonsens, Dysomia, and Combat Casper’s “Marble Remixes” which also features Faunea, both of which follows up Loud Tiger’s single “Bad Boy”.

Marten Hørger is a German DJ and producer who has won multiple awards and was previously in a group known as Boogie Army. The group released a few tracks in the ’00s before parting ways. In recent years, he has built up his brand, releasing addictive tracks on a variety of labels including Musical Freedom, Monstercat, and Confession. In doing so, it has led to him collaborating with huge names in the industry, including David Guetta, Tchami, Dr. Fresch, and BRANDON. His turning point in his career was when he dropped “YOU DON’T” with Neon Steve in 2017 which became a viral hit for the DJ and brought him into the limelight and led to him touring extensively, and his music being played on global radio, all over the world. He has gone on to remix for the likes of DJ Fresh, David Guetta, MistaJam, and Moksi. His most-streamed track, on Spotify, is his collaboration with Dr. Fresch, titled “Take A Step Back” with 18.3 million streams, while his collaboration with Tchami, titled “The Calling”, is just behind at 10.7 million alongside his single “YOU DON’T” with Neon Steve which is at 7.1 million streams. Look out for this rising DJ as he knows exactly how to give us unforgettable tracks that are set to hit hard.

As for LittGloss, they are a Danish producer duo consisting of Kristoffer Fuglsang and Mathias Holsaae. Based in Copenhagen, the multi-platinum DJs and producers first linked up at a music festival and soon created their first track together, titled “I Could Get Used To This”, with Martin Jensen and Malte Ebert. This led to them receiving support from high-profile acts in the EDM world and they soon collaborated with the likes of Zookeepers, Luca Stereo, and BATHSHEBA, as well as officially remixing “MAMACITA” by the Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, and J. Rey Soul. The exciting rising duo even earned a slot on Alan Walker’s 2022 Walkerverse tour, alongside GoodBoys. Their Black Eyed Peas remix is their most-streamed track on Spotify at 5.4 million streams with their collaboration with RoseeLu, titled “L.A. Traffic”, just behind at 5.2 million streams. We expect LittGloss to continue their upwards trajectory in the EDM industry, and we’re sure they’ll soon become a global sensation.

Then there’s Loud Tiger, real name Viktoria Hansen, who is a platinum Danish singer-songwriter who splits her time between LA, London, and Copenhagen. She has written for a variety of global artists including Alicia Keys, Macy Gray, The Saturdays, Girls Can’t Catch, Kimberly Wyatt, Krewella, and JJ Wilde, going on to see the tracks she’s written soar up charts around the world such as top 10s in the UK, Scandinavia, and Asia. She has proven herself as an incredible songwriter for the past decade or so and now it’s her time to shine, showcasing her beautiful vocals mixed with her songwriting skills, she’s bound to make an impact in the near future. Her solo work has already gone on to receive tens of thousands of Spotify streams, while her feature on Klingande’s single “By Law” is her most-streamed track at over 2.2 million streams.

Stream “Sent from Above” by Marten Hørger & LittGloss featuring Loud Tiger on Spotify here:

Talking about the track, Marten Hørger said: “LittGloss, Loud Tiger and I teamed up for this massive tune that combines high-energy house music with a radio-friendly atmosphere! I’m so proud of this one and even more excited for it to hit radio stations and stages around the world. BIG LØVE!”

Written by Kristoffer Fuglsang Mortensen, Martin Hørger, Mathias Holsaae, Olle Markensten, Viktoria Siff Emelie Hansen, and Vitali Zestovskih, whilst it has been produced by Marten Hørger and LittGloss, “Sent from Above” is a pure vocal house dance track with a heightened progressive piano melody taking front and centre whilst soulful vocals from Loud Tiger wraps around the high-energy beat. Unique in the best possible light, Marten Hørger and LittGloss have not held back, twisting up house music as we know it and truly allowing piano chords to shine amongst the infectious dance beat. Lyrically the song delves into heavenly love, how one person can send positivity to another through their love for that person, and Loud Tiger brings it for the emotion, captivating the listeners and making us wish we had that type of love that she is singing about. No dance track is complete without a drop, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint, building the track right up before the rhythmic piano chords create an unforgettable beat that is going to sweep dance floors around the world. Add this to your party playlists now, as we guarantee this is a hit!

“Sent from Above”, by Marten Hørger & LittGloss featuring Loud Tiger, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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