A Married At First Sight husband happily revealed that he and his wife smashed to smithereens but the moment came amid a big blow-up.

Married At First Sight Season 16: Dallas---Shaq and Kirsten

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On Wednesday’s episode, Shaq told fellow #MAFS participants that he and Kirsten consummated their marriage, something they initially wanted to keep private–but the big reveal happened after Shaq stormed out because of his wife’s nonchalance.

During a group outing, Shaq had a vulnerable moment where he shared that he was previously in a “dark, dark place” amid Chris and Clint sharing stories about people they know who committed suicide.

“Full transparency, I was that person before,” said Shaq. “Everything seems to be going good but on the inside, you’re fighting internal battles with yourself.  That’s when I decided to go to therapy,” he added.

Fellow #MAFS participant Nicole applauded Shaq for sharing that, but when she noted that Kirsten was an amazing wife who “wants to be there for him every chance she gets”, Kirsten simply replied, “Sure.”

Kirsten’s response apparently ticked off Shaq because he walked out of the group setting while his wife trailed behind him.

“I wasn’t okay because of the comment that Nicole made and you had nothing to say about it,” said Shaq. “With me being vulnerable in that moment, another wife spoke on behalf of you and you had nothing to say for it.”

Kirsten countered that she didn’t have a split second to respond and actually comforted him with physical touch, “I don’t ever want to feel like you’re alone,” she said.


Shaq however said that he needs Kirsten to be by his side and once again recalled how she missed his work trip to Memphis. This time, however, he revealed that the moment was especially hurtful because while there, he found out that he would not be graduating on time and Kirsten wasn’t there by his side.

“To find out I won’t be graduating on time, it was a moment when I just needed my wife by my side and she wasn’t there,” admitted Shaq.

“I want you to know that we’re in this together, Shaquille,” said Kirsten before saying that she’s going to take the intiative to attend his work events.

Shaq Reveals That He And Kirsten Consummated Their Marriage

After returning to the table, Kirsten told the group that she needs Shaq to be more assertive and Nicole noted that she made a similar comment about wanting her husband to be more assertive when it came to Sex.

Kirsten told the group that she wouldn’t turn her husband down if he initiated intimacy and said that they were at “second base and trying to steal third.” Despite Kirsten downplaying, things  Shaq took the initiative and revealed the real truth; they already hit a home run.

“Have I taken the initiative?” asked Shaq.

“Be assertive,” responded Kirsten.

“Be assertive? Kirsten and I have consummated our marriage,” said Shaq noting that they wanted to keep it a secret as “long as they could.”

Despite the marriage consummation Shaq still told expert DeVon Franklin that he still feels unsupported by his spouse, and #MAFS watchers agreed that the two still have things to work on.


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