‘I am Madeline McCann’ girl Julia Wandelt will get her DNA test results back on April 13, Dr Fia Johansson has confirmed in her most recent live video on social media.

Dr Fia went live with an American influencer on TikTok last night (March 31). And, earlier today, ED! reported that the celebrity psychic has made up her mind on whether Julia is or isn’t the missing Brit.

Madeleine went missing from her holiday apartment in Portugal in May 2007. Her devastated parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, have been searching for her ever since.

Back in February, a Polish woman called Julia Wandelt came forward claiming that she thinks she could be Madeleine McCann. However, Dr Fia has now shut down her claims following two months of investigations. The pair are still awaiting DNA test results to determine Julia’s heritage.

However, taking to the comments section of Entertainment Daily’s recent story about Julia, Madeleine and Dr Fia, our readers have all asked the same question about the DNA test results.

Girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann on the Dr Phil show
Julia Wandelt, the girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann, appeared on Dr Phil earlier this week (Credit: YouTube)

Madeleine McCann update: DNA results due back this month

Speaking in her live chat, Dr Fia said that the DNA results Julia is waiting on will be back on April 13. However, our readers have all since asked the same question – just why are they taking so long? They have also called for Jeremy Kyle to step in and take over the investigations.

Jeremy Kyle can get results on the show within an hour so God knows why this is taking so long for DNA test.

“Why’s it taking till April 13th for the DNA results?” asked one reader. “Surely it’s quicker than that?” Another added: “DNA don’t take this long.” A third also commented and alleged: “It doesn’t take all this time for a DNA test.”

Another commented: “Taking long enough to do the test. This should be over and done with for everyone.” Meanwhile, another reader said: “So ridiculous that this is dragging on for so long. It doesn’t take this long for results. I feel so sad for everyone involved.”

Kate and Gerry McCann looking sad on TV
Kate and Gerry McCann deserve ‘peace’ our readers said (Credit: YouTube)

Calls for Jeremy Kyle to step in

Others called on chat show host Jeremy Kyle to step in. His show was famous for its DNA and lie detector tests. The show was, however, ultimately cancelled by ITV.

“Jeremy Kyle would have had this DNA stuff wrapped up in half hour on a Wednesday morning. Why is this taking so long?” Another agreed and said: “Makes me laugh, Jeremy Kyle can get results on the show within an hour so God knows why this is taking so long for DNA test.”

Of course, The Jeremy Kyle Show wasn’t recorded live, so it’s likely the DNA results took longer than an hour to return.

in fact, the UK’s DNA Diagnostics Centre, who bill themselves as a “leader in DNA testing”, said that the time it takes to get results back can vary widely.

On its website, it states: “An efficient laboratory with appropriate accreditations should be able to provide a report within three to four business days. While the highest-quality labs can provide a report within this time frame, some labs can take 3-12 weeks to process the same type of samples.”

ED! has contacted reps for Dr Fia for comment.

Julia Wandelt posing in Instagram photo
21-year-old Julia Wandelt has claimed that she could be Madeleine McCann (Credit: Instagram)

‘I hope Julia gets the answers she needs’

However, not everyone felt the same way upon reading our story. Some readers sent their love to the McCanns, hoping they would soon find some “peace”. Others wished the same to Julia, sending their love to the Polish 21 year old.

“There’s no need for the DNA results,” one ED! reader commented. “Dr Fia has said through her investigation she found out that Julia’s mother is her biological mother.”

Another sent love to Julia and said: “I hope Julia get the answers she needs. Must be awful feeling that you don’t belong.” Meanwhile, Kate and Gerry McCann were also in our readers’ thoughts as one urged Julia to “let Madeleine’s parents have some peace”.

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